Dosatron Injectors

Dosatron is the original inventor of the water-powered dosing pump. There are many benefits of retrofitting to Dosatron. Each chemical injector will save space and reduce equipment needs. Since it works on demand by the water flow and pressure, you no longer need a venturi, tank, or air diaphragm pump. It requires no air or electricity to operate! The same water you use to dilute your chemical concentrate is the energy source that drives the Dosatron.

Water-Powered Dosing Technology

Proper chemical dilution is essential. Use Dosatron for presoaks, detergents, polishes, and waxes. Each injector provides accurate car wash chemical dispensing while cutting your cost per car. 

How does a Dosatron work?

Dosatron water-powered, non-electric chemical injectors inject chemicals into water lines. Dosatron injectors work using volumetric proportioning so that the chemical mixture remains the same regardless of variations in pressure and flow. When water enters the injector, it triggers the hydraulic motor, which begins moving up and down inside the body of the injector. On the up stroke, the Dosatron draws fluid up from the concentrate tank. On the down stroke, the concentrate is displaced into the mixing chamber, where it is mixed with the water flowing through the unit. The water and chemical mixture is then discharged directly to the tunnel arch or self-service bay.

How does Dosatron save costs?

Just imagine your equipment room with no chemical tanks and no air-driven diaphragm pumps! The same flowing water you use to mix your chemicals to their proper dilution is the energy source that drives the Dosatron motor. Low energy costs!

How do I retrofit my wash to a Dosatron system?

In a retrofit from an existing system, the solenoid manifold will already be there. Connect your city water supply to the filter inlet and run a hose or tube from the discharge side of the Dosatron to the inlet of the existing product solenoid manifold.

InjectorFollow these 10 steps to a better car wash:

  1. Water-powered, non-electric chemical proportioners use the water flow to operate.
  2. No orifice tips, meaning you’ll get no clogs, ever!
  3. Externally adjustable for fast and easy dilution changes.
  4. You can continue to wash cars with city pressure, even if your booster pump is down.
  5. Dosatron offers four models with dilution ranges 300:1 to 10:1, with no orifice tips.
  6. Positive displacement providing fast self-priming!
  7. Simple to install, and there is no need for a plumber.
  8. Fit onto the standard 3/4″ MPT pipe connections.
  9. You have consistent dilution, regardless of water flow or pressure.
  10. Annual maintenance is easy. It just takes 15 minutes!

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