What’s New at CryptoPay?

In this article we will explore – What’s New at CryptoPay?

CryptoTap installed on PayStation

Release of CryptoTap

Since the release of CryptoTap in February of 2021 it has done very well providing owners with a clean, safe, contactless payment system. CryptoTap allows the use of contactless credit and debit cards and accepts mobile payments from Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and others.

tap pay charts

CryptoTap works with your existing CryptoPay System. An owner that already has a CryptoPay Coordinator and Swiper can add the CryptoTap Wireless plug and play device to their existing system.

Using the CryptoPay Site Analytics program I’ve noticed an interesting data point. The data is showing that 35.8% of the purchases are from the CryptoTap contactless payment device for car wash sites that have installed CryptoTap on numerous devices By using CryptoPay Analytics and sorting by ‘Purchases by Payment Type’ the data below shows that 35.8% of the total purchases are coming from CryptoTap at this site.

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CryptoPay and Everwash Partnership

CryptoPay and EverWash partnered to create a Monthly Membership program for the Self-Serve Car Wash market. We’ve been working with EverWash for the last several years offering the solution mostly to sites with an In-Bay Automatic. We believe it’s time to expand this offer to the self-serve sites. This will allow self-serve sites to compete with other washes in their area that offer memberships. Read the full Press Release: www.getcryptopay.com

MyCryptoPay Portal

MyCryptoPay Portal

The MyCryptoPay portal has received numerous upgrades. Owners use the portal to setup and review their CryptoPay system. The improvements to the portal include:

  • Improved Control Home Panel that separates setup items into simple to use discrete blocks.
  • Configure Devices page now shows the pairing of the CryptoPay swiper and the CryptoTap unit.
  • Recent Purchases page now shows the EMV Tap purchase and includes the last four numbers of the credit card for a tap or swipe purchase.

To see additional improvements log on to your MyCryptoPay Portal: www.mycryptopay.com/login

What’s Next for CryptoPay?

MyCryptoPay Mobile Website

We are currently working on a mobile friendly version of the MyCryptoPay Portal. This will allow you to use your phone with improved mobile formatting to setup and review your system.

CryptoPay One-Time Use Passes

Day Pass Cards

The CryptoPay One-Time-Use card allows owners to provide their customers with a disposable paper card that will work anywhere on the car wash – one time. This works with the swiper.

These are cost effective paper cards that are the size of a credit card. The owner’s logo or image can be on the front of the card. The back of the card is a magstripe that can be swiped at any swiper for a one-time use wash or vacuum.

Cards can be mailed to customers inviting them to visit your car wash. Other uses include:

  • Loyalty
  • Promotion
  • Community Service
  • Fund Raisers

Additional CryptoPay Services


Buy CryptoPay’s CryptoTap at Kleen-Rite

Plug-and-play contactless payment device for phones and cards. Works in conjunction with CryptoPay systems (swiper and coordinator) on the same network. Accepts most forms of contactless payment.

CryptoTap Device
CryptoTap Contactless Payment UnitCPS3008 – $325

This article was written by CryptoPay VP Dave Richards. It was originally published as a magazine article in Kleen-Scene magazine issue 37.

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