Web Tips 101: Create an Account VS Guest Checkout?

When placing your order at Kleen-Rite, there are two checkout options . You can check out as a guest, or sign up for a Kleen-Rite account. Let’s go over the pros and cons of these two methods.

Guest Checkout

Checking out as a guest requires the least amount of information needed to check out. This is a fine option if you never plan to buy from Kleen-Rite again. It is a great way to check out in a hurry. If you plan to make more purchases with Kleen-Rite in the long run it actually is slower because you will have to fill out this information every time you check out. Plus, it lacks a few fundamental components to track your business, and your orders.

When you check out as a guest, you don’t have access to your account, invoices, Customer History, Favorites List, Quick-Order, incentives, account-only specials, and customer loyalty program. Creating an account with Kleen-Rite gives you access to all of those items.

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Customer Checkout

Customer History lets you print your invoices, but also allows you to refer back to previously purchased items (especially helpful when you have to reorder parts you have purchased in the past). The Favorites List allows you to add products to your personal list and put them in your cart with a quick click of the mouse. If you know the part numbers of the products you want, the Quick Order feature is the fastest way to add parts to your order. Simply type in the part number and the quantity, or copy and paste them into the box, then press Add to Cart. With helpful tools like these, your order can be completed in only a few minutes.

Kleen-Rite customers with an online account get special benefits delivered in our weekly customer email program. You save money with reduced product prices, BOGO offers, and promo codes to get FREE SHIPPING. On top of all that, our emails provide industry news and information on new car wash technology.

Customer Rewards

The biggest benefit of signing up for an account is the customer loyalty program. This program launched in 2019 and has saved our customers thousands of dollars. After you sign up, simply make your purchases as normal on the Kleen-Rite website. You’ll earn points for every dollar spent. These points can be used for money-off offers on your orders, FREE SHIPPING on 40lb boxes, and FREE SHIPPING on your larger orders. Your business saves money just by being a loyal Kleen-Rite customer!

In the end the best solution is to create an account. An account gives you the most features and bang for your buck.

This article was written by Ron Wybraniec. It was originally published in Kleen-Scene Magazine issue 37.

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