Bill and Coin Counters For Your Car Wash or Small Business

Choosing bill and coin counters for your daily business needs can be a daunting decision. With many models and options on the market today, finding the features you need at a price to fit your budget can be quite a task. Let’s explore some popular options and see how the right money counters can benefit your business.

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Why Do I Need Bill and Coin Counters?

Anyone who owns a carwash, laundromat or a similar “coin-based” business knows some days bring in A LOT more than pocket change. Cash handling can tie up a good part of your business day. Cash counters can be great investments to help you handle the flow! Your time is valuable. These easy-to-use machines can drastically cut counting time from that to manually count and roll currency. By taking on this task on your own, you also avoid fees and rules often imposed by banks to do the work for you. With your own equipment, you have the tech at hand to count and package accurately on your own timeline, not on banking hours.

Counting cash and coins by hand costs you far more than time. Human error can cut into profits, too. Currency counters dramatically reduce calculating errors which can save you tons over time. They not only do help you avoid accounting errors, but also save you the time it would take to track and correct the mistakes.

The handling of money may now be a thought more than ever in post-pandemic culture. Cash is dirty, and the less you and your team need to handle it, the better. Machines can minimize contact and risk to you and your employees. So, whether you’re counting coins in bags or rolling them for deposit, your business can benefit from a coin and/or note counter on several levels.

Scales, Sorters and Bill and Coin Counters

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Kleen-Rite carries a variety of currency counting equipment to make cash collection and deposits easier for you. Choose from sorters, counters or scales to tally your income. While they all have excellent features, a good fit for your business will depend on what your needs and budget are.


Money scales are fast, convenient and highly accurate. Collected money is placed on the scale and the machine uses specially precision calibrated load cells to weigh the coins and currency on the platform. That weight data is then translated by a detailed table of bill and coin weights in the machine’s memory, giving you a total in seconds. Money scales count coins and banknotes six times faster than by hand, and twice as quick as using separate note and coin counters.The advantage of a scale is that it can count both coins and bills at the same time, giving an accurate count without the need for 2 separate machines.


Another time saving contraption in a a currency sorter. Coin sorters separate your collected denominations into different bins for easy counting and wrapping. Some sorter models also have the capability to count, wrap or bag coins as well which makes your life a little easier. Even if you’re not heading to the bank, the sorted coins are much easier to return to your machines for customers seeking change or vending items.

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We’ve already covered the merits of currency counters, but let’s drive the point home. You’ll thank yourself for the ease and convenience of having one of these machines in your office arsenal. When a large part of your business revolves around quarters and coins, counting machines can pay for themselves in the time they save, not to mention the actual value of cash you’ll save by eliminating human error in your counts. There are a variety of models available from leaders in the industry such as Klopp, Scan Coin, Hitachi and more! Each model has its own variety of useful features like counterfeit detection, microprocessor controlled memory, compact footprints and easy to read displays. There’s sure to be a model prefectly suited for your applications.

A Change For The Better

Invest in your profitibility with equipment to help you manage your coins and cash. Once you’ve decided what your needs are, picking a money counting machine isn’t hard. Along with the convenience you’ll enjoy time and cost savings, greater accuracy, and more! By choosing the right model, you can maximize the benefits to your team and business. That translates to more time savings and more cost savings for your business at every turn.