Sensor Dynamix: Car Wash Monitoring that Just Makes Sense!

Are out-of-order surprises, refunds, and wasted overhead making you anxious? Do equipment breakdowns always seem to happen after you leave your car wash? Do you wish there was a better way? Maybe a magic button to monitor these issues? Well, now there is one…

Get to Know Sensor Dynamix

Sensor Dynamix has developed a full line of sensors designed specifically for the car wash industry. These sensors monitor the most common car wash malfunctions and alert you and your employees instantly with smart phone notifications. There is no more need for full-time attendants that don’t prep cars or “swinging back by your wash” on a busy weekend. Finally, there’s inexpensive monitoring technology for car wash owners, and it can be installed on ANY age of equipment regardless of manufacturer.

Sensor Dynamix was founded by Logan Lawson during his education in software engineering and mechanical engineering at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, California. Logan grew up living the rigors of the car wash industry through the family enterprise, Coach Lite Car Wash, based out of south-central Kansas. He was no stranger to the stress within the industry, as the family-run business had 30 locations. While testing autonomous 18 wheelers for Daimler/Mercedes, he had an idea and immediately called his father. “Dad, I have an idea. Want me to make most of your problems go away?” The answer was obvious, so Logan began developing automated monitoring solutions for the average car wash operator.

Sensor Dynamix SBA
Monitors out-of-order
malfunctions on bill
changers. Compatible
with any age of
bill changer.

Development and Testing of Sensors

Working in the field with over 50 different beta test locations in Kansas, the feedback was immediate and exciting: “Why hasn’t this been done before?” and “This is amazing!” were just a few of the comments from testers.

Fully integrated monitoring platforms that installed within hours for communication with a smart phone app via installed WiFi access points made everything seamless. Within weeks, owners began to recognize the significant decrease of refund calls. This equated to greater customer satisfaction – and it was being done without a full-time attendant. Within a couple months, these same testing sites began to measure sizable income increases. At the six-month mark, revenue increases were seen between 6% and 9%, labor needs decreased by approximately 46%, refunds were down by 94%, and vandalism had fallen off considerably.

This efficiency was achieved without a single new purchase within the equipment category, just sensors that allowed for instant response times and 24/7 monitoring of all the problem spots. Customizable thresholds within the app made it possible to fix many of the most common problems before they were even noticed by customers. Regardless of employee or maintenance structure, increase in the bottom line supported a first-year return of 172% on the sensor and monitoring package investment.

Logan’s father said, “There has been no better invention within this industry since Spot-Free Rinse was first conceived. I have washed cars for 44 years without a day off… not anymore.” Six months later, with product development and testing achieved, Sensor Dynamix’s first line of sensors was unveiled at the 2021 ICA Show in Las Vegas to a very positive response.

Officially Entering the Car Wash World at Las Vegas ICA Show

Sensor Dynamix PSA
Monitors self-serve
high-pressure cycles.
Get instant notifications
to your smart phone.

Sensor Dynamix met several customers visiting the show intent on making sizeable investments in auto-cashiers and bill changers, and conversation moved to how monitoring sensors can be used with this equipment. They were excited about the capability of real-time out-of-stock alerts and revenue monitoring being offered through the sensors for pre-existing machines. Many manufacturers took notice and expressed interest in “bolt-on kits.”

For older car wash facilities, the most popular sensors were the patented Status Pressure Sensors for self-serve pumping stations. With ease of installation and the ability to sense 98% of the malfunctions on self-serve bays instant, the response of operators was enthusiastic. In addition, the other top seller was the Status Pressure Sensor designed for in-bay automatics. Depending on the design of the automatic, it demonstrated the ability to detect up to 85% of all malfunctions. This created many discussions regarding the economic advantages of the sensors and the ability to achieve efficiencies without massive capital outlays for new equipment.

Feedback from the colder areas of the Upper Midwest was that the full line of temperature sensors with customizable thresholds had a lasting impact on their overhead. With instant alerts, owners were capable of substantial natural gas savings while maintaining peace of mind that catastrophic freeze would be averted. Additionally, air compressor status sensors were “must haves” with operators utilizing air controls on their doors. The ease of app use made the real-time revenue monitoring very popular also. Access to this data was measured in less than ten seconds on operators’ phones. The ability to track ALL transactions in totality through each bay individually for up to one week was very popular.

Another Successful Show in Texas

The following SWCA Car Wash Show in Ft. Worth, Texas brought in many absentee owners throughout the car wash industry. These owners requested a wider range of monitoring capabilities. A large portion of this interest extended into low-pressure applications, such as pre-soak and spot-free. Separate platforms were very popular for status pressure monitoring of these systems, as well as liquid level status on spot-free reservoirs. Customers noticed that the cost of a full-line sensor system for an entire car wash was less than half of credit card systems. Plus, gasoline prices were beginning to provide massive incentives for prospective buyers.

Taking Big Steps at Nashville Show

The 2022 Nashville ICA Show marked several milestones for Sensor Dynamix. There was an overwhelmingly favorable response from multiple location owners throughout the Southeast with markets of populations under 6,000 people. Not only that, Sensor Dynamix proudly formed an alliance with Kleen-Rite Corporation at the show. Kleen-Rite recognizes the efficiencies provided by these platforms and the potential cost savings their customers will benefit from for years to come.

In the future, additional written material and videos will be provided by Kleen-Rite to help you determine which sensors best fit your individual situation. Installation videos with access to technical support will also be provided. The Sensor Dynamix team, with over 100 years of car wash experience, invites you to increase efficiency and find your cost savings with Sensor Dynamix at Kleen-Rite.

From Our Family to Yours,
Sensor Dynamix LLC
Logan N. Lawson

This article was originally published in Kleen-Scene Issue 39.