Using the Right Pressure Washing Chemicals

When you’re taking on jobs to grow your pressure washing business, you might specialize in certain tasks. Or, you might choose to diversify, and tackle different pressure washing jobs.

Aside from having the right pressure washing equipment for the job, you also need to make sure that you are using the right pressure washing chemicals to get the best results – results that will keep clients coming back to you again and again! Let’s take a look at the chemicals you need, and what Kleen-Rite brings to you.

Simoniz Tru Blue 5 Gallon Pail

General Cleaners

The first category of pressure washing chemicals are general-purpose cleaner. As the name applies, these are all-around cleaners that can provide a better clean than water alone.

This includes products like Simoniz Tru Blue, a pressure cleaning detergent with medium foaming that is great for usage across a wide range of applications. It’s perfect for use on walls, floors, and equipment in offices, restaurants, hotels, car washes, and other areas in need of pressure washing.

However, this all-around capability doesn’t always do the job, particularly on specialized dirt, grime, stains, and super-tough tasks. In some cases, it may even be overkill for some jobs. That’s where task-specific chemicals come in.


These versatile cleaners are used in a ton of applications, and are concentrated for the ability to dilute as needed to achieve the necessary degreasing power!

One of our most popular products for degreasing is Simoniz’ Solid Gold Cleaner Degreaser, available in 55-gallon drums. It can be used on everything from concrete floors, to the degreasing of construction equipment, and even for spot treatment of carpeting and upholstery.

For some tasks, you need a cleaner and degreaser with extra strength. Simoniz’ Foam Off Plus Degreasing Detergent – available in 55-gallon drums as well as 5-gallon pails – is perfect for removing fats and proteins, even when they are caked on. This makes the detergent ideal for use when pressure washing areas of food processing applications, or other extremely greasy areas like auto shop floors and some car wash areas.

Vehicle Washing

For pressure washing businesses focused on tackling fleets, daily use equipment, and in-house vehicle cleaning, there are an array of chemicals you can pick up to make your job easier and to make your cleaning more effective. These chemicals deal with some of the specific materials found on vehicles – chromes, paints, rubbers and more.

Concentrated solutions like AR Blue Clean Car and Truck Detergent are formulated to be tough on road dirt and grime while easy on rubber, paint, glass, plastics, and vinyl that you’ll find on so many vehicles. It’s mild enough to be compatible with all pressure washers. These vehicle washing solutions are often diluted and dispensed with your pressure washing spray gun through a foam cannon or foaming kit. This creates a thick, coating foam that dwells on dirt and grime and penetrates it for superior removal.

Bigger vehicles need bigger chemicals! Trucks are on the road for many miles, and encounter loads of dirt and debris along the way. Simoniz Big Rig Heavy Duty Truck Wash kicks vehicle-friendly detergent up a notch. It cuts through road film, grease, and diesel exhaust buildup to provide a great look to tractor cabs and trailers. Spray on, then rinse clean with a high-pressure water rinse!

Wheels and tires need special treatment, thanks to being made of different materials than the rest of the vehicle. Chemicals like Simoniz Crush Plus Non-Acid Wheel Cleaner – available in 5-gallon, 30-gallon  and 55-gallon units – use d-Limonene for non-corrosive action that cleans deep. You have to be careful with these chemicals though, as the overspray can be damaging to some paints.

Deck and Fence and House and Siding Pressure Washing Chemicals

Residential Housing and Siding and More!

For some pressure washing companies, residential units and properties are a major money-maker! Houses and siding can attract dirt, mold, and mildew that makes them unsightly. Decks, fences, and other wood products attract the same and more, like bird waste and tree sap. Having a selection of residential products will help you get through, including:

  • House and Siding Concentrate: Specially-formulated for use near plants, bushes, and trees. House and Siding concentrates like this formula from BE Pressure get the job done with harming your landscaping!
  • Deck and Fence Cleaning Concentrate: While many modern decks and fences feature composite decking, there are plenty of wooden structures still out there. So you need a chemical that can deal with all sorts of surfaces. BE Pressure’s Deck & Fence concentrate helps give decks and fencing new life while being safe for use around trees and gardens.
  • Indoor-Outdoor Cleaning: These formulations are made to tackle pressure washing of sidewalks and driveways. At the same time, they are useful for carpet spot-cleaning, bathroom and shower cleaning, and even some industrial kitchen usage. With Simoniz Pine Kleen, you can tackle grimy sidewalks and renew them, and then spot clean a carpet, without having to switch chemicals!

One thing to remember – don’t use pressure washing on shingle roofs! This can break loose the shingles and damage the roofing.

Simoniz SC-260 Parts Cleaner Powder

Special Pressure Washing Chemicals

Different surfaces sometimes require special treatment – which means they require special detergents to do the job properly.

When you’re tackling some supremely sludgy motor and engine parts, Simoniz’s Parts Cleaner Powder is place to turn. This is an industrial grease and oil detergent. When combined with warm-to-hot water, it removes the toughest sludge and other carbon materials. It an be used in a stationary parts cleaner, or in a pressure washer, to clean stubborn parts.

Many metals and materials have sensitivities to certain chemicals. Aluminum in particular can be difficult to deal with. You need a blend of strong acids and effective surfactants to etch away stains to aluminum without weakening the material. Perfect for unpolished aluminum, Simoniz Super Alum Brite Aluminum Cleaner doesn’t just clean aluminum, but also features hydrofluoric acid aluminum brightener to make the surfaces shine!

These are the main pressure washing chemicals you’ll want to have on hand. They’ll make it easy for you to accomplish 99% of the pressure washing jobs you’ll encounter! Kleen-Rite carries the best available selection of pressure washing chemicals at the lowest pricing – shop our selection today!