Caring for Vacuum Filter Bags: The Experts Explain!

Are the vacuums at your car wash used heavily? Do you see customers treating them less gently than they should, or sucking up potentially damaging items like nails and rocks? If so, it’s doubly important that you take care of your vacuums with regular maintenance. One of the easiest checks and updates you can do is changing out your vacuum filter bags. The overall life of a filter bag depends on how often and how heavily it is being used. If you see a lot of vacuum abuse, you’ll want to check your filter bags regularly.

The Vacuum Filter Bags Plan

Our national sales manager, Gary Frey, reached out to J.E. Adams and got some straightforward maintenance tips to help you maximize the life of your vacuum filter bags:

  • Shake bags out at least once a week.
  • Do a visual inspection to check bags for damage.
  • Do a quick sweep of the bag with a brush like the Erie Vac Bag Brush to loosen any stubborn dust and dirt.
  • Clean bags by rinsing them with a low-pressure hose or gentle washing machine cycle.
  • After rinsing, hang your bags to dry. Never put bags in the dryer, they’ll shrink!
  • When reattaching bags, make sure they are secure with a tight seal. This helps prevent motor damage.
  • When bags appear worn, change them for a new set.

It’s important to always have vacuum filter bags on hand so that you can change them if things look worse than expected during one of your regular checks.

For more information on how to care for your vacuums, check out Kleen-Rite’s YouTube channel, where Tom Allen shows you how to service your vacuums and change vacuum motor brushes!

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