Counting Coins the Easy Way

Coin counters are essential for any business that takes in the bulk of its operating income in coinage. A Klopp coin counter is favored for car washes, as the owner can count wet and dry coins and tokens in the unit. Counters are a major time saver for the business owner.

The coin counting machine comes in manual or automatic models. They are constructed of durable cast aluminum and hardened steel for a long-lasting service life. The unit is coated with polished aluminum and a durable baked powder coat. A large hinged coin tray can be opened and closed to keep the interior clean when it is not in use.

All-purpose bagging tubes or nylon wrapping tubes collect and package the counted coins for easy storage or transportation for bank deposits. Coin stops regulate the flow of the coins or tokens in increments from twenty, twenty-five, forty and fifty, before the discs are wrapped. Some machine models will count a roll of coins in four seconds. Other units are made to count one thousand to eighteen thousand coins in one minute.

Coins are poured into the tray of the Klopp coin counter by denomination of dime, nickel or quarter. A bank wrapper or coin bag is set into a tube for the coin type and set into the machine. Once the operating button is switched on, the machine will count the set amount of coins to fill the wrapper. Some machines can count one thousand dollars in quarters in twenty minutes.

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