Kleen-Rite Custom Order Hoses!

Did you know that Kleen-Rite makes custom hose assemblies? With decades of experience, our professional hose department creates made-to-order hoses and fittings on a daily basis. It’s a service we pride ourselves on! Ordering hoses in advance from Kleen-Rite is a great way to ensure you always have extras on hand in case of an unexpected rupture or failure.

“Ideally, every car wash operator should have one to two hose assemblies for every bay on hand, plus at least one foamy hose for every self serve bay as well,” advises Senior Technician Tom Allen. “(You) also want to have enough bulk hose with reusable fittings for your feed lines to your bays. A couple reusable ends and hose unions for quick fixes of overhead bay hoses. I also like to keep low pressure poly tubing on the shelf with unions and fittings.”

Placing Your Order

Customers ordering a custom hose need to provide a few pieces of information to our team. Things to know when placing your order include:

  • What diameter hose would you like? 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 1″, or 2″?
  • Do you need a high or low pressure hose? What’s your PSI requirement?
  • How long do you need your hose to be?
  • What size and type of fittings would you like on your hose? We offer:
    • Male permanent
    • Male swivel
    • Female pipe
    • Male & female 37° JIC
    • Male & female 45° SAE

Important Facts about Ordering

Please remember that custom hoses do take time to make, so plan ahead when ordering so you aren’t caught empty-handed! There will be a slightly longer lead time on custom hoses than on ready-to-ship products. Low pressure hoses, double wire hoses, and certain fittings are only available from our Pennsylvania hose shop, so depending on your location you may need to factor in a cross-country ship time as well.

Even considering production time, ordering custom hoses from Kleen-Rite is still a great bargain! You’ll be getting the exact hose configuration you need, and our prices are lower than locally sourced hose outlets. When ready, give our friendly sales team a call at 1-800-233-3873 to order your own custom unit! We also offer a nice selection of ready-to-ship hoses online 24/7.

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