Credit Card Reader and Bill Acceptor Cleaning Cards

78% of POS devices sent in for service only need cleaning!

Don’t let malfunctioning credit card readers or bill acceptors disrupt your business. 78% of POS devices sent in for service only need cleaning! Bill acceptor and card reader cleaning cards are easy to use for all operators.

Why Do I Need to Clean?

We all know that money is very dirty. Dirty bill acceptors cause bill rejection, device misreads, or an out of order machine. Dirty credit card readers cause card rejection, reader error, or repeated swipes. All these issues lead to customer frustration and even a loss of revenue. This is why it’s so important to keep your bill acceptors and credit card readers clean!

When Do I Need to Clean?

Use cleaning cards to prevent problems before they occur. Clean your bill acceptor each time you empty the machine, once per month, or after periods of excessive validator use. Use credit card reader cleaners after every 500 print jobs or once the printer ribbons are replaced.

How Do I Use Cleaning Cards?

KIC Team cleaning cards will make this a simple task. Insert the cleaning card into the bill changer and the card will eject once cleaning is complete. Swipe through or insert into your card reader and the cleaning card will wipe away dirt that can cause a malfunction. Use these cards to keep your devices in great shape without servicing or replacing them.

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