Fix It with Phil: Triple Foam Troubleshooting

Phil takes a look at a triple foam system, some common issues with it, and how you can check your triple foam system before getting worried about replacing it!

Tools You’ll Need:

  • Screwdriver
  • Standard volt meter

Confirming Solenoid Activity

  1. (0:43) We’re working on a three-bank system with GinSan GS-30 Foam Timers.
  2. (1:02) Timing rate is cumulative, adjustable by the dip switches on the timer. If your colors are bleeding together, check if your timing is too low. When a solenoid is open longer, the color runs stronger – switching too quickly back-to-back causes colors to mix.
  3. (2:00) If you’re only showing one or two colors, you’ll need to check the solenoids themselves. Touch a screwdriver to the coil of the solenoid when it clicks, indicating it is active. If the solenoid feels magnetized, pulling the screwdriver towards it, that means the solenoid is powered and working correctly. If this does not happen, the solenoid is not functioning correctly.

Checking Voltage

4. (2:38) Use the volt meter to check voltage on the system.

5. (3:03) Use the volt meter probes by positioning them against the wire leads. Resulting reading on the volt meter should match the listed voltage to confirm correct operation.

Checking the Chemicals and Feeders

6. (3:17) Check your chemical drums or buckets to see if the soaps are bleeding together, or if one bucket is more full than the others. They should be distributing at roughly the same rate. If one is clearly more full than the others, there is a failure to draw soap – or back flow.

7. (4:14) When checking for backflow, pull your foot valve out of the chemical buckets. If there is a release of liquid, the foot valve is bad and likely backflowing water or other soaps into that container. Replace the foot valve.

8. (4:28) Confirm you are using the correct tips on your system that matches the recommended distribution ratio for the soaps you are using, and that they are clean and clear. Replace mismatched or incorrect tips, and clean out any that seem clogged – this can prevent proper dilution.

9. (5:10) Disconnect the hoses from the manifold that feed all three soaps into the pump and let them feed to make sure the soaps flow freely out of the hoses that connect from the individual solenoids to the main pump.

You can also check out the full-length video at our YouTube channel ( – drop some questions or suggestions in the comments and we’ll make sure to get Phil fixin’ it in one of our future episodes!