Grand Ave Car Wash Operator Spotlight

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Grand Ave Car Wash is located in Bloomington, MN along the north bank of the Minnesota River. An appealing part of the greater Minneapolis region, the area blends natural beauty and bustling commerce. It’s an ideal spot for a car wash, and the successful Grand Ave Car Wash is a testament to that. Stan Goedderz is the owner and operator of Grand Ave, as well as another car wash location in Burnsville, MN.

Bloomington a Great Home for Grand Ave Car Wash

Bloomington boasts a broad park system, the Hyland Lake Park Reserve, and the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge. Of course, it’s also an important center for commerce. You might recognize the city name because it’s where the Mall of America is located. That, in itself, adds significant economic value to the area. Bloomington also holds major operation hubs for a variety of companies like Dairy Queen, Pearson, and Express Scripts, among others. What does this mean for Goedderz? It’s a thriving area with an ample population that needs a reliable place to wash cars!

Creating a Top-Notch Customer Experience

customer using grand ave car wash self-serve bay

Goedderz began operating Grand Ave Car Wash in 2005. The wash has an impressive fourteen self-serve bays. Their mission is to make sure that every piece of equipment is always working. They know it’s what their customers expect. To keep up with that, every piece of equipment has a backup on hand in case of a breakdown. They also have 14 vacuums for customers and a whopping 31 vending machines filled with an array of car care products.

Grand Ave’s customer base includes large number of loyal customers who spend a lot of time cleaning their car. In many cases, multiple people are involved in an intricate cleaning process that continues outside of the bay after the main wash is complete. This led Goedderz to quickly realize that towels, wipes, sponges, and other products had to be an important part of his business strategy. That meant adopting an aggressive approach towards vending, including a lot of machines and constant monitoring to keep them filled.

Veteran self-serve owners like Goedderz know that keeping equipment in excellent working order becomes its own selling point and significantly contributes to positive word-of-mouth advertising. That, combined with Goedderz ability to act on the needs and wants of his particular customers, means Grand Ave Car Wash consistently lives up to its simple goal: make each customer experience a happy one that leaves the customer looking forward to coming back.

Goedderz and Grand Ave Car Wash have used Kleen-Rite as their main supplier for two decades, and we can’t wait to continue that partnership for many more years!

full exterior view of grand ave car wash
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