Hey Jay! What’s Next for Premium Car Wash Packages? Graphene Coatings!

Ceramic coatings have been the scene for several years now, and they’ve been well accepted. Many car wash operators have added this feature with great success. So, the next question is: What is next? I answer: graphene coatings.

Graphene Becoming More Popular

Recently, a friend purchased a new vehicle with a graphene paint protectant installed. In addition, I’ve seen a number of detail shops promoting ceramic/graphene paint protection. I consulted with an IDA (International Detailing Association) trainer, and his feedback was that graphene offers a super-slick finish with an easier application than other surface protectant options.

Graphene Discussion at Kleen-Rite Expo

blue truck with graphene applied
Jay’s truck with a fresh application of graphene!

At the Kleen-Rite Expo in November, a portion of the Soap Expert Panel Seminar was spent discussing graphene. In short, the panel let customers know that graphene is one of the hardest materials on earth – harder than diamond even. It forms a honeycomb structure that works well as a surface hardener and protectant, making it ideal as a premium product for car wash packages. Simoniz is offering an exciting new surface hardener called Carbonite that employs graphene in its formula.

Personal Testing of Graphene

I recently started testing Simonize Carbonite by simulating a car wash application to see for myself. I’ve observed that colors are brighter, car surfaces have a smooth, wet-look finish, and there are very fine water beads after rain. I recommended you apply Carbonite in tunnels prior to all rinses and drying agents. It can be dual feed with existing ceramic.

How Much is Too Much with Premium Car Wash Add-Ons?

As these new products come to market, car wash owners tend to ask another question: Where do we draw the line; when is it enough and we stop adding on more premium car wash services? In fact, this was also discussed at the Soap Expert Panel Seminar. The answer really is simple: When customers stop buying it. They’ll let you know with their dollars if the product doesn’t work, or if there isn’t a demand for it.

It might require some testing, but if you genuinely commit to trying new chemicals, you’ll get an answer pretty quickly. Once added, do some advertising, talk to customers, and educate your employees so they can encourage customers to use it. Maybe even try some free promotions to get a real gauge on the effectiveness of the product – getting real feedback is invaluable. Worst case scenario, you drop the service. Best case scenario, you have a long-term profit center that pays off for decades!

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