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Consumers want show car shine. They want to attain that glow as quickly and easily as possible. Meguiar’s auto detailing products offer solutions for every interior and exterior surface. We’ve talked about Meguiar’s professional detailing lines in a previous installment, but this global leader in total car care also offers a comprehensive collection of consumer products for everyday detailing at home!

For over 120 years, Meguiar’s has been creating formulas that polish and protect vehicle finishes. Original formulas continue to perform reliably and new products are introduced using the latest technology with each generation. We have the low down on all of the most popular detailing products. Check out all they have to offer in their consumer-focused lines. You’ll find a plethora of supplies to make every surface of your vehicle look like it just rolled off the showroom floor.

Meguiar's Auto Detailing Product Hybrid Ceramic Detailer

Meguiar’s Auto Detailing Products for Painted Surfaces

Meguiar’s auto detailing products have evolved over the past century to clean, polish and protect all kinds of finishes. As a result, their reputation for being the best on the market stands strong. The formulas available today continue to help car lovers everywhere make their babies gleam!

Whether you’re looking for a quick spruce up, or doing a deep and intensive paint restoration, the line-up of products available from Meguiar’s has you covered. Ultimate Insane Shine Paint Glosser, for example, polishes with minimal effort, amping up color and enhancing the reflectivity. The easy to use spray can shine in minutes. In the same line, Ultimate Quick Wax and Quik Detailer sprays work a little harder providing that “just washed” look. These formulas are time-saving and effective, great spray solutions for fast results.

Meguiar's Auto Detailing Products Ultimate Liquid Wax

If you have a little more time on your hands, grab a bottle of Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Pre-Wax Prep with advanced SiO2 technology. Part of the Hybrid Ceramic family of products, this liquid cleans, polishes, removes swirls and minor defects and enhances the finish, smoothing the surface for your protective coating. The Hybrid Ceramic Quik Clay Kit, takes the process one step further using a specialized synthetic clay pad and Hybrid Ceramic Detailer to remove bonded contaminants. It leaves behind an even slicker shine. Once the paint is prepped, you’re ready to choose your sealing option.

Wax options are abundant from Meguiar’s. Carnauba paste or liquid, synthetic, or hybrid waxes, each one has a list of merits and benefits. It all comes down to your needs and preferences. While Carnauba can create the wettest and deepest shine and some unbelievable gloss, synthetic and hybrid products produce phenomenal results. Plus, they are easier to use, more cost effective and create a longer lasting shield for your automotive paint.

Meguiar's Auto Detailing Trim Restorer

Exterior Trim Cleaners

Unpainted exterior surfaces made of plastic and vinyl such as trim pieces, moldings, door handles, bumpers, mirror housings, and windshield cowlings age differently than auto paint. Your trim deserves the same careful attention you give to your paint. Specialty sprays and protective fluids restore these softer materials and keep them conditioned and protected against environmental exposure.

Restore faded surfaces on exterior plastic and trim with Ultimate Black Plastic Restorer, loaded with UV clear coat technology to bring back that new car appearance. A thin coat of Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Trim Restorer creates a bonded layer of shine and protection, with superior water resistance! You may also try out Ultimate Insane Shine Protectant or Supreme Shine options. The easy to apply spray cleans, shines and protects unpainted surfaces inside and out. Protectant wipes are crazy convenient, and great for quick wipe-downs between more involved detailing sessions.

Wheels, Tires and Rims

Wheels, tires and rims have become just as important to the look of your car as your paint and accessories. These components aren’t just evolving for performance in motion. Today, they tie together your vehicle’s whole aesthetic, just like your shoes tie together a great outfit. Detailing product specialists like Meguiar’s haven’t left this fact pass them by. Remember, each wheel and tire needs a thorough cleaning before you dress to condition the surface.

Meguiar's Auto Detailing Hybrid Ceramic Tire Shine

Meguiar’s Hot Rims and Hot Shine product families contain a variety of specialty sprays to make wheels and tires pop! The days of basic steel rims covered with pop off covers have gone. The majority of modern cars have larger wheels with cast aluminum alloy rims. Many of those feature black painted accents or overall color. As a result, Meguiar’s engineered Hot Rims Black Wheel Cleaner for matte black wheels. They also produce Hot Rims Aluminum Wheel Cleaner, and Hot Rims Chrome to cover all the bases. These spray formulas produce extreme cling foam that sticks to surfaces, doing most of the work for you.

Shiny black tires really top off a quality home detail! Tire dressings are for more than shiny rubber, though. Most tire treatments also protect the sidewalls from harmful UV rays, dry rotting, cracking, helping to extend the life of your tires with regular and proper use. Meguiar’s offers several different products for tires including gel, sprays and foams that leave tires brilliantly black and shielded from weather and elements. They also offer Hybrid Ceramic Tire Shine that uses premium gloss enhancers and SiO2 technology for superior bonding and reduced sling – water resistant gloss on your rubber for weeks.

Interior Cleaners and Protectants

Meguiar's Auto Detailing Multi-Purpose Citrus Fresh Wipes

Maintaining a vehicle’s interior is just as important as maintaining the outside. You spend a lot of time in there, why not keep it as pleasant as possible! Aside from the aesthetic, it’s crucial to protect your interior trim and leather for your health and for resale value. UV rays, dirt and other contaminants that can potentially dry out and fade or discolor soft, porous materials…not to mention odors that come about from grime in carpets and upholstery. Fortunately, Meguiar’s has solutions to tackle everything interior, too!

Whether you prefer sprays or wipes, you can protect consoles and dashboards in minutes and make interior surfaces gleam using Natural Shine or Ultimate Protectant which are available in both application types. Interior detailing products like these instill streak free shine on plastic, vinyl, rubber and other trim materials with ease. They also offer Citrus-Fresh Cleaning Wipes and New Car Scent Protectant Wipes that kill two birds with one stone, leaving behind a pleasant fragrance to enhance the cleaning experience. Wipes are great options to keep on hand for a daily refresh!

Cloth & Carpet

Spills and splatters on carpets and upholstery may need more that a minute’s attention. If you have an area needs a major scrub, the brush top on a can of Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner helps to penetrate stains on cloth seats and carpets. The foam is deep cleaning, breaking down stains and any odors that may be connected to the stain. Meanwhile, Meguiar’s Carpet and Cloth Refresher is great for a daily refresh, virtually eliminating bad odors on the molecular level permanently. You’ll feel like you’re getting into a new car!

Meguiar’s Detailing Products for Leather

Meguiar's Auto Detailing Products for Leather

Classic or contemporary cars with luxury leather interiors demand more regular maintenance to keep the material soft, supple and protected. A 3-in-1 cleaner, conditioner and protectant like Gold Class Rich Leather lotion is a one-step formula. It contains UV shields, aloe and other conditioners to nourish leather. Additionally, a spray version and rich leather wipes are available for routine clean ups and moisturizing. Ultimate Leather Detailer takes the 3-in-1 action to a new level. With fast and easy application, this spray swipes away grime and restores the look and feel of premium leather. In addition, it provides the protection of both UV blockers and polymers for increased durability.

Air Re-Freshing Mists

Professional detailers often top their packages or offer odor elimination/fragrance as a free perk or as an add-on. Now it’s easy for you to rid your car of odors with Whole Car Air Re-freshers. These one time use bombs don’t just mask embedded odors, they find odors and destroy them permanently. The fine aerosol mist is released and cycled through your ventilation system to contact all of the cabin surfaces, leaving nothing but freshness in its wake. Scents include new car, spring blossom, sweet, summer breeze, black chrome and more!

Meguiar’s auto detailing products offer comprehensive options for consumers to detail their vehicles at home with professional results. If you don’t already have at least some of these products in your stock of home car care products, get Meguair’s to your garage ASAP!

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