How To Make Spray Gun Use More Comfortable

There are basic specifications that operators typically pay attention to when selecting high-pressure spray guns. You’ll want to know the material construction, pressure range, and flow rate that will work best with your system. In addition, you should decide whether your guns should be weep or non-weep style. There is one aspect of a spray gun that might not immediately come to mind, but could prove to be very important to your bottom line – comfortable operation.

Customer Using Spray Gun

Comfort Matters

When it comes to commercial pressure cleaning, whether it be car washing or power washing, it’s beneficial to make the act of spraying as comfortable and easy as possible. Powerful spraying systems produce significant vibration and heat, and they can require a lot of grip and arm strength to adequately control. Particularly when long bouts of spraying are required, having the wrong spray gun can cause a lot of stress to the body.

Why should this matter to commercial car washes? Every smart car wash operator knows that what they are really selling customers is time. Keeping paying customers in the self-serve bay as long as possible is the ultimate goal. That is not achieved by tricking, confusing, or squeezing time out of the customer. Keeping patrons in the bay, while keeping them happy and retaining them as future customers, means offering quality products AND a pleasant customer experience. Having a gun that’s comfortable to use might be the detail that makes customer buy extra time in the bay!

Why should this matter to professional pressure washing businesses? If you are in the business of commercial pressure washing, time is also important to you. Having the ability to clean faster and more efficiently cuts costs for both you and your customers. More comfortable spraying means less fatigue and less need for physical rest during jobs. It also cuts down on injuries. Being able to spray for long periods of time with limited strain also produces more consistent results with fewer accidents. Choosing the right spray guns may just be a relatively inexpensive investment that really pays dividends in the long run!

Easy Pull Triggers

High quality spray guns often feature more advanced mechanisms that make pulling the trigger easier than cheap guns. Reducing hand fatigue and discomfort at the trigger point is crucial to increasing the time that a gun can be used. AR North America, Suttner, and Kleen-Rite offer excellent spray gun options with precisely engineered light triggers.

Insulation for Comfort and Heat Protection

High-pressure systems can build up a lot of heat during intense operation. Handles with insulation cut down on how much heat is transferred to the operator’s hand. Hypro and CAT Pumps have spray gun models with insulation that nearly eliminate the problem of a heated handle.

The shape, size, weight, and texture of a grip are attributes that you may not immediately focus on, but may be more important than you realize. It may take some experimentation to find out what your customers prefer using in self-serve bays. If you have regular customers who are open to conversation, their feedback on this topic may be very helpful. You might also want to test out different spray guns in different bays and see if there is a major time difference between your various bays. Shop U.S. ParaplateGiantSpraying Systems, and MTM Hydro brands to find carefully designed trigger spray guns that are incredibly comfortable to use.

Don’t overlook the comfort factor when choosing your spray guns. When you find the right style, you’ll be impressed at the benefits!

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