Keep Your Car Wash Purring with a Cat Pump

If your car wash has significant high-pressure pump needs, a Cat pump will meet them all. The Cat brand is well known for its incredible resilience, working tirelessly to deliver excellent high-pressure pumping for months at a time. With a Cat pump, you won’t need to worry about frequent breakdowns or time-intensive maintenance. You’ll be able to focus on the important tasks like serving your customers!

One of the main reasons for this great resilience is Cat brand’s use of the best and longest-lasting materials. The steel parts are corrosion-resistant and the seals are rigorously tested to hold up to the highest pressure. Cat parts run on a triplex displacement design, which runs dependably for years. These pumps are known for this high level of durability and won’t let your car wash down.

Cat pumps are also designed for easy and accessible maintenance that can be performed quickly and efficiently by any machine maintainer or repairman. The key maintenance step is making sure the pump is appropriately lubricated at all times to ensure maximum performance. Regular checks on the pump’s parts (seals, belts, filter, and so forth) will support the pump’s continued quality. If a repair is necessary, Cat parts are easy to find and won’t break the bank.

Whether you need a pressure washer pump, piston pump, plunger, or centrifugal pump, Cat will keep your car wash purring for years to come. Check out our top selling Cat 310 pump!


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