Tom’s Way – How to Service a CAT 5CP2120W Pump

Kleen-Rite and its customers were lucky to have Tom Allen teach us about car wash operations for many years before his passing. In this video, Tom shows you how to replace the valves and seals on a CAT Pumps 5CP2120W Pump. Use this handy demonstration to get your pump back to peak performance. Simply gather the tools you need, purchase needed valve and seal kits, and have some CAT Pumps oil on hand – Tom will show you the rest!

Tools Used to Service a CAT 5CP2120W Pump

Here is a list of the tools that Tom used in the video while repairing the 5CP2120W pump:

  • Large screwdriver
  • 15/16 socket
  • Reversing pliers
  • Needle nose pliers
  • 6mm Allen wrench
  • 10mm wrench
  • Rubber mallet

Repair Kits Used to Service a CAT Pumps 5CP2120W

You’ll find official CAT Pumps OEM repair parts at the best prices from Kleen-Rite. Here are the replacement part kits and oil used by Tom in the video:

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