Understanding Your General Pump

General brand pumps are high-pressure pumps used to power pressure washers. Pressure-based cleaning is a significant part of your bay-based car wash’s operations, as either employees or customers, or both, will require high-pressure water jets to wash and rinse their cars. A General pump will serve all your high-pressure car cleaning needs. Here is an overview of the workings and maintenance of a General pump.

Like most high-pressure pumps, General pumps are designed to force liquid through a small hose and nozzle space, so it comes out at high speed. The force of the liquid provides a powerful cleaning agent that not only disperses detergent and water onto the dirty surface, but does so with the power to literally blast dirt off of that surface. General is the industry leader in plunger pumps, which create pressure through motion of cylindrical plungers through stationary seals, which force the liquid into the hose and nozzle.

Ensuring adequate maintenance of your pumps is, of course, important for your car wash, especially as the pumps will likely be used constantly every day. The three most important parts of the pump are the motor, the valves, and the cylinders. Regular inspection of these three parts is absolutely necessary. It will also help to make sure that you purchase high quality pumps to begin with, as the higher quality you purchase, the less prone to stalling or freezing-up your pumps will be. General pumps are among the most reliable in the industry.


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