Kleen-Rite Corp. Acquires Towels by Doctor Joe!

In October 2018, Kleen-Rite acquired Towels by Doctor Joe®. We welcome Doctor Joe customers to the Kleen-Rite family. Kleen-Rite is the exclusive seller of Towels by Doctor Joe® and customers can buy these products online or over the phone.

A New Partnership

Founder Joseph Gartland first met Kleen-Rite at industry trade shows. The company began selling his vending towels and decided to expand offerings.
Kleen-Rite Vice President Keith Lutz voiced his pleasure with Doctor Joe’s product line. “It is a quality product at a fair price,” Lutz said. “We want to bring value to our customers and we think that the products in this line will deliver that value.”

Doctor Joe’s versatile products are suitable for many different industries. Customers can find towels designed for car washes, detailing shops, auto body shops, hotels, salons, and more.

Gartland and Lutz want customers to find a solution to meet their specific needs. “It’s not just a towel as a product, it’s a towel as a solution,” Lutz said. “So, the particular product answers a question for our customers.”

History of Success

Gartland’s towel expertise is a great asset in getting customers the right towels. He grew up in the textile industry, having worked for his family company, Joseph Gartland Inc., in New Jersey. Over time, Gartland decided to branch out on his own, but needed a unique business name. Knowing that he had the skills to “prescribe” a textile solution to many different problems, he began calling the company Towels by Doctor Joe®. Today, many people know him as “The Towel M.D.!”

Gartland and his wife began shipping out customer orders from the family garage. While the customer base started out small, it kept growing over the years. Now, thanks to Kleen-Rite’s national distribution network, more customers than ever can get Doctor Joe’s great products!

“We will have them stocked at three different locations across the country,” Lutz said.

Customers will have the products they need, when they need them, and available to them at the best possible price. Kleen-Rite will provide fast delivery of orders all across the country.

Terrific Towels

Doctor Joe offers microfiber towels, terry towels, surgical towels, and even spill cleanup products! The textiles are of the highest quality, and easy to care for. Simply wash and dry Doctor Joe towels before putting them into service. Short on time? Pre-laundered, ready-to-use towels are also available.

New and existing customers can count on these high-quality commercial towels to get the job done. Existing customers will find no changes with the quality they have come to expect, since the towels will remain the same.
To see the full product offering, browse the Kleen-Rite website. Towels by Doctor Joe® are easy to order online at www.kleenrite.com or by calling 1-800-233-3873.