FAQ: Kleen-Rite Kits

The purpose of this blog post is to share a detailed answer to a question that we’ve been getting recently from customers. Gary Frey, Kleen-Rite National Sales Manager, offered his insight to talk a little bit about Kleen-Rite kits!

Q: I’ve been seeing these new kits that Kleen-Rite has been selling. What exactly are they?

A: Kleen-Rite always wants you to have each and every part you need to keep your car wash equipment running at peak performance. To make that easier, we offer several kit options that group together multiple parts in one convenient package. Even better, the kits are typically priced lower than what the total cost would be to buy each part individually.

Foamy Car Wash Brush Kit

Service and Maintenance

In most cases, it’s a smart idea to replace all of the parts of a system at the same time. For example, if you’re replacing something like a valve or spring, you should replace any related seals, o-rings, or gaskets as well. If you swap out a worn seal, you’re much less likely to experience a surprise broken seal. You’ll save time by not having to take the device apart again until the next planned maintenance. Even if you choose not to replace everything, you’ll have the parts on hand for the future. There are A LOT of small parts to remember when it comes to car wash equipment. Make it easier by getting kits that contain everything you need to get the job done!

Hydrominder Parts Kit
CAT Pumps 310 Repair Parts


Getting Started

If you’re opening a new car wash or pressure washing business, a fast way to get things moving is to pick up kits with several different items in one package. For example, you can get complete hose and gun assemblies that have all compatible components. You don’t need to check the specifications for each part, you just need to hook them up and get started! As for vending, Kleen-Rite vending kits contain bulk amounts of top selling items like air fresheners, towels, and cleaners. You get an excellent selection of vending products to instantly stock up your machines without having to spend a bunch of time deciding which products will sell. Use Kleen-Rite’s expertise in the car wash industry to do that work for you!

Top Selling Vending Products Package


Upgrading and Buying Smarter

Kits aren’t just for new car wash owners. If you have aging equipment at your wash, kits can be an excellent way to make some quick upgrades -both by servicing and replacing. In addition, you can double dip on savings by spending less on the actual products AND lowering shipping costs by sending everything in one shipment. Whether you’re just getting started or you’re simply trying to streamline your buying, Kleen-Rite kits are incredibly convenient for car wash operators. And, of course, everybody likes to save money!