LAMB Motors – Electric Vacuum Motors

Vacuums are a great addition to car wash services, and good vacuum motors are crucial to success! AMETEK Lamb vacuum motors are affordable, practical, and one of the best motors to use on-site. These hard working motors are great for use in car wash vacuums and central vacuum systems.

Ametek Lamb vacuum motors are known for efficiency and durability during high duty cycles and high speed applications. Two designs are available: Thru-Flow motors and bypass motors. Many consumers may not realize that these models each serve a different purpose!

Types of Motors

Thru-Flow motors pull vacuumed air through a fan system, discharging directly over the motor windings. This serves a dual purpose as the air can cool the engine and dry the vacuum unit at the same time. Bypass motors, though, separate the vacuumed air from the motor cooling air. This motor is best for use in wet/dry vacuum units where moisture is present in the vacuum air.
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