Lighting Up Loganville

Recently, Kleen-Rite visited the Loganville Car Wash in Loganville, PA. Our purpose was to check out the impressive multi-color LED light setup in the touchless automatic bay to take some pictures and video. It looks great and has excellent practical benefits, so it deserves to be shown off a little bit!

Red LED Car Wash Bay

What really sets this arrangement apart from other tunnels is that the lights, traffic fixtures, and speaker are all synced up to work together. Below is a description of the customer experience.

Speaker for Automatic Car Wash
Waterproof Speaker (HSP0300)

Customer Experience

  • When you pull up to the paystation, a voice message tells you to select your wash package. A traffic fixture immediately outside the tunnel reads: “PLEASE WAIT” in red text. There is also a red X on the fixture.
Automatic Car Wash Traffic Fixture
Traffic Fixture (TSS13X29LS)
  • After you choose your package and pay, the speaker prompts you to move forward. Simultaneously, the traffic fixture changes to a green arrow paired with illuminated green text that says “DRIVE FORWARD”. At this point, the entire tunnel turns green from the LEDs on the floor and ceiling.
  • As you move forward, the automatic lighting remains totally green. Another traffic fixture -this one inside the automatic- shows the same “DRIVE FORWARD” message.
RGB 32' LED Light Package
32′ RGB Light Package (HSP0332)
  • Once you get to the appropriate spot near the middle of the tunnel, the LEDs change to red, the traffic fixture text changes to “STOP” with a red X, and a voice message tells you to stop. If you drive too far forward, the traffic fixture text changes to blue text reading: “BACK UP”.
  • While the various wash stages are occurring, the LED lights repeatedly change color between red, green, blue, purple, and yellow. This gives the appearance that the foam is changing color and produces an exciting light show inside your vehicle!
  • After all of your wash services are complete, the tunnel reverts back to a solid, steady green color. The traffic fixture again shows “DRIVE FORWARD” text in green with a green arrow. The speaker alerts you to exit the tunnel.

Why Are LEDs and Aids Important for Automatic Car Washes?

Providing clear instructions with effective visual aids cuts down on accidents and misuse of car wash equipment. Patrons feel more comfortable knowing that they’re using the wash correctly and that their car will be unharmed. All of this adds up to an increase in overall customer satisfaction. Let’s not forget one of the most important aspects of these lights…they look awesome!

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