Jurassic Car Wash Operator Spotlight

John Borek, owner and operator of Jurassic Car Wash, is a self-described “weird guy.” But in the city of Austin, where the unofficial but loved slogan is “Keep Austin Weird,” he and his wash fit in perfectly. “Weird” seems a bit harsh, though. “Unique” is probably a more accurate way to describe both John and his dinosaur-themed car wash.

jurassic car wash sign with dinosaur smashing out of the wall

Located on the south side of Austin, Jurassic features awesome realistic dinosaur statues and animatronic dinosaurs, including a T-rex that spits water on your windshield before you enter the in-bay automatic! You can even pay a few quarters and watch a quick show of more moving dinosaurs directly behind the car wash.

Our Visit to Jurassic Car Wash

We visited Jurassic Car Wash on a hot summer day, and it was bustling with activity, with no shortage of customers enjoying the fun car wash as well as a food truck that was stationed on the property.

Even while we visited, John spent a lot of time fixing and servicing equipment, working so hard he was sweating through his shirt – but still doing it all with a smile. His right-hand man, Martin, was on site working too. Donning a large straw hat to protect himself from the sun, he hustled between the bays to keep everything moving and take care of anything John didn’t have time to handle. John was nice enough to take a break and talk with us a little bit about Jurassic.

owner and worker at jurassic car wash

How Jurassic Car Wash Began

John owned his own body shop, but sold it after about thirty years in business. After selling, he eventually “needed something to do” with his time. Already a real estate investor, John was always on the lookout for a good opportunity. About six years ago, he heard about plans for some new apartment complex builds. He realized that investing in the nearby car wash would be smart, even if only for the property value. As it turns out, John quickly became a fully-committed car wash operator, remarking, “One thing led to another, and I just kind of kept tinkering with stuff, and now we’ve increased sales about 900%, basically.”

Taking Jurassic to the Next Level

An important step in Jurassic becoming what it is now came from a somewhat unpleasant situation with John’s neighborhood association. Even before owning a car wash, John always had oddities like flying saucers, dinosaurs, and Halloween characters. He had two dinosaurs out for Halloween one year, but liked them so much that he left them up well past the holiday. The neighborhood association “didn’t like that,” and pressured him to get rid of them, so he moved them to the car wash.

It seemed right, so John embraced the concept. He bought some static dinosaurs, which worked perfectly for people to pose with in pictures. A few more animatronic dinosaurs were added and the old Solar Car Wash name was replaced.

“It’s something extra, kinda cool to do…. kinda fun,” John says. “I called it Jurassic Car Wash and the rest is history. The kids like the dinosaur theme, and it’s just something different.”Aside from the dinosaurs, there are also great details like big dinosaur prints leading in and out of the wash, and a really neat “Jurassic Pet Wash” station. To top it off, the vending machines, signage, and trash cans all feature bright, colorful Jurassic branding to tie it all together.

The previous owner bought supplies from Kleen-Rite, and that’s how John was introduced to us. We were pleased to hear that John had kind words to say about Kleen-Rite:

“We really like Kleen-Rite. You have decent prices and don’t gouge people – you’re fair. I like the fact that they opened up a Texas location years back. I’ve been real happy with Kleen-Rite.”

Keeping it Fun at Jurassic

Adding new elements to the customer experience is still exciting for John. He told us about a future update with a dinosaur that comes alive during the rinse process in one of the in-bay automatic bays, featuring opening and closing eyes, a wagging tail, and even a shrieking sound. Hard work combined with a genuine passion for creating a fun, quirky experience will make Jurassic a hit in Austin for years to come.

There’s no question about it, the car wash world has a lot of unique characters, and Kleen-Rite is always happy to get to know one better! Thanks for the visit, John! Check out more pictures from Jurassic Car Wash below!

jurassic car wash welcome sign
A cool branded welcome sign greets customers as they enter Jurassic!
dinosaur print
It’s all about the details! Fun dinosaur tracks lead customers into the facility.
triceratops statue
Several dinosaur statues live on the property, like this triceratops.
jurassic pet wash
Dogs and cats are welcome too! Even the pet wash is Jurassic themed.
moving dinosaur show at Jurassic Car Wash
Don’t miss the moving dinosaur show behind the wash!
jurassic car wash automatic wash pay station
Clean, attractive pay stations start off the automatic car wash experience.
Truck going through automatic car wash
The automatic car wash has great branding and bright colors. It’s not just fun, it also provides a thorough clean to customers’ cars.
car going through automatic car wash
Another great shot of the in-bay automatic.
employee prepping a car at automatic car wash
Martin hard at work providing a premium experience to customers.
colorful car wash sign with helpful instructions for customers
Colorful, attractive signs look awesome and help customers get the most out of their experience. Notice John in the background working hard to make sure everything is functioning correctly.
customers using self-serve car wash bay
The self-serve bays were full our entire visit!
car wash vacuum setup
Visually appealing vacuum and vending stations draw in customers.
jurassic car wash thank you sign
A “Thank You” sign finishes off the Jurassic experience!
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