Mosmatic Swivels More Reliability That You Can Handle

Dependable Mosmatic Swivels

They say it’s the little things that go a long way, and our Mosmatic swivels prove that to be true. These products offer a long service life for your car wash bays, and they feature smooth operation under high pressure. They help to give your hoses a free range of motion. In addition, they prevent pinching and disconnect between the water and your car washing materials. As safe and reliable as they are, they still remain a cost-effective solution for car wash businesses. With a range of pressure ratings available, they range from 1200 PSI to 4000 PSI (¼” to ¾”).

Established in 1988, Mosmatic has grown and expanded its sales and distribution. Mosmatic has created their swivels with stainless steel ball bearings.

Jaimie Sokolski, Sales Manager at Mosmatic Corp says Mosmatic swivels have premium materials, quality machining, and self-lubricating “maintenance free” designs.

“Mosmatic offers the widest range of Hydro-driven swivels along with their “LIVE” under pressure designs for long life and superior performance,” – Sokolski said.

Mosmatic also offers wands, high-pressure spray guns, 90-degree angle booms, foam brushes, tire cleaners, and other replacement parts. With constant developments and add-ons, Mosmatic continues to create car wash solutions daily. Thanks to their high-pressure cleaning technologies, Mosmatic products can put the customer’s mind at ease.

When it comes to swivels, choose Mosmatic! Browse our website to find the best swivels for your application. Order online or call us!

Check out some of our top-selling products:

Size: 3/8″ M x 3/8″ F

Gun Swivel

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90 Degree 3/8″ F x 3/8″ M

90 Degree Swivel

3/8″ M x 1/4″ F

 Gun Swivel

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3/8″ F x 3/8″ F

 3/8 F x F Swivel

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