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The car wash industry has certainly seen its share of ups and downs when it comes to car wash doors. Kleen-Rite has taken a bold step: to transform the necessary evil of automatic car wash doors into a reliable component of your car wash; one that actually works to increase profitability, and drastically reduce utility expenses. Most importantly, dependably open and close the doors for your customers.  Kleen-Rite has made it possible to offer this asset by partnering with us at BayWatch Enterprises.

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About BayWatch – Automatic Door Manufacturer and Installer

Based in Denver, Colorado, BayWatch has been manufacturing all-electric, high-speed automatic car wash doors, coupled with stainless steel radiant heaters, since 1994. There’s one glaring difference that sets BayWatch apart from others: they are the only automatic CW door OEM that offers factory installation, service, and preventative maintenance!  Not only do they supply one of the world’s largest car wash operations with doors and heaters, they have the technicians on the road to install, service, and conduct preventative maintenance across most of North America. Let’s face it, car wash tech’s hate working on doors.  It’s not their specialty, and they usually don’t fully understand them. Typical commercial overhead door technicians despise working in a wet, slippery car wash, and don’t stock chemical resistant parts. It only made sense for Kleen-Rite to partner with them. Plus, BayWatch offers the best door and heater options for car and big truck washes.

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Highlights of BayWatch Car Wash Doors

Car washing has evolved and become immersed in technology. In 2021, owners can check the health and productivity of their wash from anywhere their smart device gets service. BayWatch IntelliWatch has kept up with this trend, offering full remote access of doors, digitally controlled wash bay climate controls, and even conveyor E-Stop if the door or wind-wall fails to open properly for any reason. Let’s face it, from ball caps to ladders, a lot of debris gets blown around the wash bay.

The BayWatch TunSaf feature makes it possible for tunnel washes to safely run automated polycarbonate overhead, or vinyl roll-up doors thousands of cycles per day, without the possibility of a vehicle strike! The option to safely automate poly doors in tunnel washes removes the need for steel security doors that often rust away in a couple of years, and cost thousands to replace. If a door or sensor fails for any reason, an email alert is sent, including the specific failure, and even the likely solution. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, the 24-hour tech hotline is available. Put in for a service call if you prefer the hands-off approach , and a BayWatch technician will get it fixed.

Do BayWatch Car Wash Doors Stand Up to the Cold?

frozen car wash bay
Don’t be this guy, while the wash down the street has cars wrapped around the building.

Bells and whistles sound great, but how do you know your investment is safe on the coldest nights? BayWatch has that covered, plus much more. One example, if the bay temperature drops to an unsafe level for any reason, you will receive an email alert every 10 minutes until remotely swiped off, or the temperature rises to a safe level.

Durability Factor

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You already know that nothing belongs in a car wash that can’t be dropped in the ocean for a year, then pulled out and function flawlessly.  Baywatch understands this and has engineered our high-speed polycarbonate and vinyl doors with this in mind. Standard equipment includes: stainless steel motors, brackets, and cables, IP69K rated sensors, clear anodized thicker aluminum panels, NEMA rated enclosures, and the list goes on.  Additionally, our high-speed vinyl doors are only available with a balanced curtain.  This ensures the motor raises and lowers with minimal effort, and results in extremely long motor life.

Earlier we mentioned increased profitability, and reduced utilities. Wash owners quickly realize, the record profit days typically follow the nastiest weather days. With BayWatch doors, you can open early and wash cars, instead of breaking and melting ice from equipment. Don’t miss that banner day. Reducing down-time and damage repairs, in addition to increased revenues, will quickly pay for your automatic door investment.

Don’t wait until the first frost! Current industry trends and Covid shortages are significantly affecting lead-times. For additional information and videos, check out the website at or contact BayWatch directly at 888-235-0800. For special pricing, be sure to let them know that you’re a Kleen-Rite customer!!!

This article was written by Kenton Marsh, Director of Engineering & Marketing for BayWatch. It was originally published in Kleen-Scene Magazine issue 37.

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