Operator Spotlight: Topaz Super Car Wash

Topaz Super Car Wash is located about two miles east of the Vegas strip, just off Tropicana Avenue. It’s a bright, colorful facility adding a dash of vigor to an older Las Vegas neighborhood.

A favorite of local customers, Topaz offers a welcoming spot where the owners, David and Bruno, are quick to offer a greeting and friendly conversation. As David put it: “The secret to our success is interaction with our customers and keeping the place REALLY clean.”

topaz car wash owners

The wash bays at Topaz are neat and well-functioning, there’s plenty of bright lighting, and they’re able to service large vehicles like RVs, semis, and boats. Plus, in true Vegas fashion, they’re open 24 hours all 365 days of the year!

Finding and Buying Topaz Super Car Wash

David and Bruno both lived in the neighborhood before buying the car wash, with David being there over twenty years. Bruno noticed a small sign on the canopy one day advertising that the wash was for sale. The owner had passed away and his son was selling the property. Bruno made a call and the rest is history.

Previously, David worked as a computer programmer for several years. Bruno was a diesel mechanic, and also worked as a carpet cleaner for a period of time. Their experience and skills made for a good partnership to run a car wash. With Bruno’s existing knowledge and mechanical aptitude, he’s been able to quickly pick up the ins and outs of servicing a car wash. Not having to call an outside technician saves Topaz quite a bit of money and has been a significant part of their success. Talking about Bruno, David said in admiration, “He just gets into everything here and learns it while he does it. It’s amazing.” Pointing to an array of wires and electrical components, he added, “I could never work on this stuff by myself.”

Topaz’s Relationship with Kleen-Rite

Topaz was in need of a supplier as David and Bruno got more and more serious about the business, and Kleen-Rite ended up being an obvious choice for them. Said Bruno, “Kleen-Rite is in town. We wanted someone local, and Kleen-Rite was here. It saves on shipping, and I like to see the products I buy. They have the catalog too – I use that.”

Murals at Topaz

To their knowledge, Topaz Super Car Wash is the oldest – or at least one of the oldest – car washes in Las Vegas. The pair is proud of that, but it’s probably not the most interesting thing about the car wash. It’s also probably not the bright orange canopy, palm trees out front, spotless bays, or even the engaging customer service. Arguably, the artwork on the property is the most interesting aspect of Topaz.

Around every corner of the wash are visually-striking murals featuring dazzling colors and bold lines. The graffiti-style murals were painted by Los Angeles based artist ZLA, who can be found on Instagram, Facebook, and on their own website. The artwork at the entrance of the wash features a freshly washed car and several pink and blue elephants spraying water from their trunks. Near the back of the property, there is a desert-themed piece with cacti, a shining sun, and an awesomely menacing scorpion. On the opposite side, a wall extends the entire length of the property. It features the words “SO FRESH AND SO CLEAN, CLEAN” in giant letters that look like water and bubbles.

scorpion graffiti
car wash wall graffiti

We had a great time visiting Topaz and getting to know these great owners. We appreciate the time David and Bruno gave us for an interview and their business!

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