Protect Your Investment: Insuring Your Car Wash Business

Even the smallest mobile car wash business needs insurance to protect its assets. The mobile wash operator needs general liability insurance, but since mobile washing of fleets and car lots does not involve care, custody, or control of the vehicles, an additional garage keeper’s liability policy usually isn’t necessary. You should check your local laws to make sure. As the business gets bigger, however, so does the need for adequate insurance policies.

Depending on the type and operation of your car wash, several different kinds of coverage may be needed. With some insurance companies, many of these can be found under a “business owner’s policy,” and others can be obtained separately. Shop around. Many companies specialize in creating policies specifically for car wash businesses. Here are a few different types of coverage your car wash business might need, in addition to general liability insurance, which protects your business and your customers in case of accident or injury.

Worker’s Compensation

Most businesses which have employees are required by law to purchase workers’ comp insurance, which gives car wash operators and employees a safety net if an employee is injured on the job.

Commercial Auto Coverage

With all of the traffic in and out of your car wash, you need protection from loss due to auto accidents and injuries.

Business Owner’s Policy

The business owner’s policy can cover many aspects of your operations. Included under this header is equipment breakdown coverage. If pressure washer pumps or other pieces of equipment malfunction or break, this coverage can help pay the repair expenses. Buildings and contents coverage protects against the building being damaged or destroyed, and protects the property inside, as well. Business income and expense coverage can help if you have to close for repairs due to a loss, and electronic data coverage can protect you and your financial data if you use specialized software to manage car wash operations. Finally, no one likes to think of their employees taking car wash materials and supplies home for personal use, or even appropriating income meant for the business, but a business owner’s policy often includes employee dishonesty coverage to protect from any employee-related loss.

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