Reduce Cost of Carwash Supplies

Your carwash supplies make up a large portion of your overhead. If you are looking for ways to save a bit of money this year, you may want to change the way you order these supplies. You can cut out unnecessary costs and reduce spending and waste in many ways, but you have to have your carwash supplies, so you may as well find a way to reduce the amount of money you spend on them.

Order online. Most of the time you can find better deals online than you can anywhere else. By ordering your supplies online, you can also have them delivered right to your door, so you don’t have to waste time and gas going to pick up the supplies. If you are paying employees to pick up the supplies, you are also wasting money by paying them an hourly rate or salary to pick up items that could have been delivered right to your door in the first place.

Buy in bulk. Many times you will find that you get a better deal when you buy in bulk. If nothing else, you may get a break on the cost of shipping, at least. You don’t have to buy everything in bulk every time you order, but you can focus on one set of supplies at a time so that, by the time you are ordering everything in bulk, you are stocked up well enough for you to start saving money, even if it costs you more to start out this way.

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