Setting Up Kleen-Rite Accounts for Multiple Car Washes

I have multiple car wash locations. How should my Kleen-Rite accounts for multiple car washes be set up for easy record-keeping?

First and foremost, we highly recommend that you have a web account and log in each time you place an order online, as opposed to placing orders as a guest. Having one “parent” account is best. By setting up a dedicated account from your first order, you’ll have a reliable record of what, when and how you purchase which is beneficial for financing and inventory management.

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If you’re just joining us and have multiple locations, or plan to add locations in the future, we always recommend setting up a single parent account. This parent account can be set up as the flagship location or a corporate address that should be used by all managers/operators under your business umbrella. You can share a single email/login/password for online purchases so the same account is used by each location for orders, instead of each location logging in with their own.

We recommend you set up the account this way for several reasons.

Setting Up Kleen-Rite Accounts for Multiple Car Washes to Make Accounting Easier

We can all sympathize with the complexity of bookkeeping when you’re managing stock and purchases for multiple locations. Reconciliation of accounts is easier for us, and for your accounting team, if all of your locations use the parent account. If a location places an order, they can have the location number or address noted on that specific purchase order. This will let us know they’re part of a core account, and also help you to document the specifics of when, what and how much each of your locations are ordering. Your managers can still enter their dedicated credit card or ACH as payment, but keeping the orders organized by locations will make reconciliation much easier. Setting up ACH is as simple as filling out a single form and furnishing a cancelled check.

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Points and Rewards for Multiple Car Washes

By using a parent account, you can reap the benefits of Kleen-Rite Loyalty Rewards throughout your car wash empire! If points from purchases are accumulated under a parent account, the points will be available to any location when they log in to buy. The points can be utilized for rewards like free shipping and more! Users can also see any RGA’s or credits that may be on the account which could be applied to a future purchase. A hub or parent account would also give those buying access to any special pricing offers to take advantage of even more savings.

If you have any questions about setting up your account, ACH or if you know you have multiple accounts for your washes, give us a call. Our sales and customer service representatives will be happy to answer any questions you may have to get you set up right moving forward!

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