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You come to a car wash and vacuum your mats, buff out your tires, and of course wash your car but what if you could come and wash your dog as well?

Dog washes may seem like such an off the wall idea but they are taking the car wash businesses by storm.

With 700 dog washes around the nation, and still growing, car wash owners have found a more fun and efficient way for you and your family to enjoy your time together at the car wash which can also include your pets!

Have you ever had a problem with washing your dog at home because it was too messy or your pooch was too big for the tub? Well no worries, because dog washes are not only affordable but were designed so you can get that giant of a dog washed in all the right places. Clean, safe, and convenient, you really can’t go wrong with such a reliable piece of property.

Your customers wasted time on making grooming appointments and buying expensive shampoo days are over. Embedded in the dog wash are options for shampoos like deskunking, flea and tick and an oatmeal treatment shampoo. Other features such as nonslip mats for the dog’s safety, stainless steel body, easy access to entry and heavy duty shower heads guarantee that there really is no reason why having a Dog Wash isn’t the right answer for your car wash.

“Commercial dog washing is so much easier than washing your dog at home. All of your essential shampoos, conditioners and blow dryers are all right there in the dog wash itself,” Vice President Keith Lutz of Kleen-Rite Corp. said. “Washing your dog can become a chore, but with a Dog Wash there is no mess to clean up. When you’re done you’re done.”

Dog Wash

Ernie getting a much needed wash!

The biggest concern of a car wash owner who is thinking about placing a dog wash is will there be a lot of dog dirt left behind? Will there be a ton of maintenance that will need to be done in order for this to work, or will there have to be a big staff of employees to keep everything clean? The answer is no. The purpose of the dog wash is not only to be stress free for dog owners but car wash owners as well.

“The reality is people take such good care of their pets, they do not want them to be in a dirty environment so they clean up after themselves.” “Not 100% of the time but it is amazing how clean the dog wash stays and is ready for the next customer. People take care of their pets like they take care of themselves,” Lutz said.

Dog washes really increase the value on your car wash. As a recent phenomenon to the business, Dog Washes have been bringing in more clientele, more traffic and more volume against all odds. Mike McKonly, president of Kleen-Rite Corp. said he gets excited about this idea every day, and being an animal person himself, it is a win win.

“Seeing animals, seeing customers, and seeing the business grow really makes me grateful and ecstatic of what’s to come with the Dog Wash.” “For my personal business, Dog Washes have been the best profit made and really added something extra to the car wash,” McKonly said.

McKonly also said another benefit from this money maker is that customers are able to get familiarized with the car wash once they come to the dog wash. Someone will be able to come, wash their dog, and realize they are at a car wash as well and will be able to check two things off of their to-do list.

By adding a self-serve dog wash, you are setting your operation apart from all other car wash businesses. As part of the package you are accustomed to the electric coin box and timer that accepts bills, coins and tokens. You also will be able to have the self-serve dog wash warm air dryer and a complete chemical start up package. Dog washes also have double restraining leashes that will help secure your pet while bathing. This will ensure that your pet will not be able to jump out of the tub and will have different settings for bigger and smaller dogs.

For dog lovers, the only thing better than having their beloved four legged family member is having a well-groomed and fresh smelling pet, particularly during the winter months where making a mess of the bathroom is the only other option. There is value in Dog Wash’s alone, especially if the canine is of the large variety. As Keith Lutz said, every person who owns a pet has a car, and every person who has a car almost always owns a pet, so there is synergy there and a perfect marriage for a successful business. The cost for a dog wash can range anywhere from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on how much effort you put into it. The prettier and more inviting your dog wash is, the more customers will feel at home and are more willing to travel to your facility.

“I would suggest for anyone who would want to put in a dog wash to have it in a location that attracts a huge crowd,” Owner of Weiss Guys Express Wash Terry McDonald said. “The best way to get a lot of traffic is by placing your wash either by a dog park or a higher middle class income residential area. More people, more dogs.”

Terry McDonald also suggests to get your Dog Wash exposed and out on the market is to brand it constantly. Handing out flyers, always posting on social media and your website (if available). Word of mouth will get things going and eventually your dog wash will start paying for your car wash. Make the investment not only in the equipment that you are using but also in the space as well.

So, change your mind from unsure to absolutely sure when purchasing a Dog Wash. It is cost effective, does not take up a lot of space, it’s efficient, consistent, and above all, family oriented. Do not just think of yourself but of your pets! A happy dog is a happy home.



By: Chelsea Dimmig

Kleen-Rite Staff Writer









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