How to know what Car Air Fragrance you really need

Now that we have figured out the science of the sense of smell and what it does to your brain, let’s focus more on the fragrances itself and what various ways to get that perfect smell of Car Air Fragrance.

You’ve got your perfume bottles, your soaps, cleaners, sprays, fragrance machines and they all serve one purpose. So how do you know what you really need in order to make your car smell beautiful or your car wash for that matter. Arguably enough, stinky smells are the hardest to get out of your car once there is food left over or a spill had occurred. It could be days or even weeks to get that out and you’re stuck with baby’s throw up from two Sundays ago.

shutterstock_182935820 (1)Air fragrances have become a popular product in the car wash industry and has been sweeping the nation with its fulfilling scents and inviting aromas.

It is that final touch to your car that makes washing it all so worth it. There are manufacturers who have designed odor eliminators that remove smells from fabrics and carpets while freshening the air so you and your passengers can breathe easier. Car washes have produced a fairly new feature like the Car Wash Fragrance Machines, which were designed to not only bring more revenue to the Car Wash owner but to be another quick and easy way to get your car smelling fresh and new. Fragrance machines are made from stainless steel with louvered sides to minimize heat buildup. They are properly mounted close to vacuum islands so you won’t have to worry about moving your vehicle from one station to another. Product carriers such as Kleen-Rite offer a complete line of fragrances for your car wash air scent machines both oil based as well as water based scents. This can be applied by a coin operated fragrance machine or by a simple spray bottle after the car has gone through the cleaning process. Once that is secured, the spray will end up being a finishing touch and can be applied under the seats, on the floor mats, on the seats and upholstery. Brands like J.E. Adams and Magic Mist are top sellers who take pride in their New Car, Leather, Vanilla, and Cherry scents.

These fragrances aren’t just to make your car smell wonderful they are also there to help get rid of those common smells such as stale smoke from someone smoking in your car for a period of time or even smells from being sick. Products such as California Scents Smoke Away will not only eliminate the smoke odor but will completely wipe away any leftover stench on your seats and leather. This fragrance in particular is environmentally-friendly and contains no volatile organic compounds. California Scents are very natural, organicshutterstock_293538059 and have high-quality fragrance oils that cover odors. If you’re looking for something to get rid of that vomit odor, Baczymes is the product you need. This odor and stain remover will pleasantly get rid of the harsh smells with enzymes that eat bacteria and wipe away any remaining stench. Baczymes is the product to have on your shelf for it clears organic odor from carpet and other fabrics as well as cleaning up pet urine.

When in doubt, Little Trees Air Fresheners are always the way to go if you’re just looking for that fun, freeing smell. About 60 years ago a scientist Julius Samann, invented the first automotive air freshener. It has continued today to be of the highest demand fragrances in the world and will continue to grow. They are efficient, high-quality solution to a common problem and are fashionable at best.  Each tree sets the tone of your car and you can show off how you’re feeling, your attitude, different style, etc. This car fragrance will always be a popular item for all car washes and customers.

So whether you’re in need of getting rid of an old cigarette smell, or would like to just press a button so your whole car will be fresh, car air fragrances are the way to go. They are efficient, long lasting and will never let you down.



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