What Types of Air Shammee Drying Systems Are Available?

Thinking about spicing up your self-serve bays with hand dryers? We highly recommend Diskin Air Shammees! Is that a new name to you? Maybe you’ve heard of it, but you don’t know exactly what it is. Perhaps you already have them, but you’re looking to replace, upgrade, or add to what you have. Either way, read on to find out more about these high-quality car wash dryers!

customer using air dryer on car

Air Shammee Models Available

In-Bay Wall Mount – The original and most popular version that requires 110V power. Mounts on the wall of bays and includes a dome to cover the motor.

Super Air Shammee II In-Bay Wall Mount – This version of the system includes a more powerful 4.6 horsepower motor requiring 220-275V at 12.5 amps or 380-480V at 7.3 amps. Great for high-volume washes or bays that cater to large vehicles that may require long operation time of the dryer. Also mounts on walls and has a dome.

picture of air shammee system
The standard Air Shammee (boom not included)

Attic Mount or Super Air Shammee II Attic Mount – Same as the wall-mounted versions, only these are intended for attic mounting and do not include a dome because the mechanism is not visible to customers.

Parts & Accessories

Kleen-Rite also sells genuine Diskin components, so if anything is damaged you can get it back to full functionality in no time without a hassle! We have commonly needed parts like:

upgraded motor for super air shammee II
Super Air Shammee II motor

Reviews and Ratings

5 star rating

“I have had 2 of these in hand bays since 2006. They r great and make lots of revenue! Almost everyone uses them. And they are very durable.”

– Christopher W.

5 star rating

“We have these at all of our washes (34 units), mounted on bay wall without the cover. Very good quality, have had several for over 3 yrs and no major problem. Hose will last about a year. Nozzles are sturdy.”

– Barney B.

5 star rating

“Awesome system!”

– Charles W.

Check out this great video to learn more about these awesome drying systems!

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