A Little Bit of Preventative Maintenance Can Save Big Money on Repairs


Keeping car wash equipment properly maintained and in good working order prolongs its life and will produce consistent, quality results for customers. By devising and implementing a preventative maintenance program as part of a daily, weekly, and monthly routine, car wash operators can get the best out of their equipment and maximize profits. The most effective maintenance plans are devised with the help of the equipment manufacturers or experienced dealers, and include a role for each employee to perform. Success as a car wash operator can depend on knowing how car wash equipment works and what sort of attention it needs on a regular basis.

In addition to delivering a high quality consistent product, a routine maintenance plan delivered according to factory specifications can also help keep equipment in warranty. For example, Cat pumps require oil changes using Cat pump oil to stay under warranty, and General pumps require General pump oil. Use routine visual inspections to determine if equipment needs attention, and if it requires repairs or settings changes. Check for proper chemical application. Too much chemical can waste chemical carwash supplies, but using too little can cause a drop in wash quality. Ensure that the air pressure to your chemical applications is set appropriately for the concentration and viscosity of your chemicals. Regular inspection can also protect your investment, down the road. Checking for air leaks and regularly greasing bearings can save on costly repairs. A maintenance plan is something your car wash business cannot do without. Don’t wait until equipment fails, to perform routine service and repairs on your valuable equipment!

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