Car Wash Secrets: Smell Is Everything

Your car looks and feels clean, but what about the smell? Nobody enjoys cruising around in a smelly car. That includes the kiddos who spend a lot of their time smelling like the great outdoors. When the car smells great, car owners don’t have to worry about an embarrassing date or making friends sick on the way to the movies. Every car should pass the smell test and, if car owners are relying on Medo air fresheners, they have no worries.

Leaf Shaped AIr FreshenerMedo Deco Fresh

Medo has an extensive product line, so car owners have plenty of choices. There’s something for everyone in this collection. The Deco Fresh line of air fresheners is subtle and easy to use. Simply open the scent and slip it on one of the interior air vents. As the air blows in the car, the freshener is distributed, giving you a relaxing car ride. According to Medo, each of these fresheners lasts up to 45 days and, of course, they are also available in “new car” scent.

Medo Dream Catchers

Like the look of a dream catcher hanging from the rearview mirror? Purchase a Medo Dream Catcher and enjoy the fresh scent and this cool decoration. Each Dream Catcher is inexpensive and will last for at least 30 days.

Medo Lighthouse 12-Pack

Fill vending machines with Medo Lighthouses, and watch customers snatch them up. Each of these 12 packs contains different colored air fresheners. These charming Medo air fresheners look wonderful in any car.

Give customers an added layer of fresh scent with these cool vending machine items.

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