Dosatron’s Tankless Chemical Dosing Systems

Cramped equipment room? The new year is a great time to reflect, recharge, and re-organize! Dosatron’s wall mounted tankless chemical dosing system can eliminate ALL your tanks and leave you with nothing occupying the floor space other than your high-pressure pump stand.  Yes, that includes high pressure soap and high-pressure wax tanks too!

Imagine your equipment room free of clutter. No more bulky-premix tanks eating up your precious real estate. No longer having to repair or replace those undependable venturi injectors or breakdown prone air diaphragm pumps. Spend less time in the equipment room and more time with your customers! It’s easy to make these dreams into reality with the right Dosatron system.

As you may have already experienced, the orifice tips used to adjust dilution are prone to clogging. Clogged tips restrict the concentrate from being drawn accurately into the solution holding tank. Another common issue is with the solution holding tank. These tanks have filters at the bottom to prevent debris from entering your high-pressure pumps. The filters can also clog, which starves your pump and causes cavitation and costly damage.

Exploring Tankless Chemical Dosing

Dosatron tankless chemical dosing system
Dosatron High Pressure Soap and Undercarriage Wash System |Hub City Carwash | Rochelle, IL

As a carwash professional, you’re likely familiar with a high-pressure soap and wax system that uses a venturi and various size tips to dilute the concentrate into a large mixed solution holding tank. When high pressure soap is switched on in the bay an electrical signal is sent to that bay’s high-pressure pump. This starts the pump and opens a solenoid on the pump inlet which gravity feeds the soap solution to the pump inlet and then to the bay’s spray wand.

The best way to avoid these common issues is to replace your system with a wall mounted, tankless Dosatron self-serve system. The Dosatron high pressure system eliminates the troublesome venturi injector and those bulky holding tanks which means less headaches and more savings!

Like the Dosatron low pressure systems, your city’s water pressure drives the Dosatron pump which mixes the soap or wax, and pressure feeds the pump inlet, as opposed to gravity feeding it from the tank. Most high-pressure pump experts agree that pressure feeding the suction side is the preferred method as it reduces any opportunity for high pressure pump cavitation and damage.

So, there you have it. By replacing your old tank fed systems with Dosatron systems you’ll enjoy a clean, organized, and low maintenance equipment room while providing your customers with a consistently exceptional car wash experience.

Bonus Tip

Really want to maximize your real estate? Have you ever thought about plumbing city water lines to the high-pressure inlets of your rinse pumps? Doing so will eliminate that last holding tank opening all that floor space you’ve always dreamt of. Give us a call today for more information, 1-800-233-3873.

This article originally appeared in Kleen-Scene 40.