Customer Giveaways – Good Advertising and a Nice Reward for Loyal Patrons

A wise business owner makes sure things are done to show customers appreciation for their patronage. Every now and then, it is a good move to reach out to customers with a giveaway. Car wash vending supplies are an inexpensive source for a giveaway that reminds the customer of the business.

Towel Giveaways

Small towels are sold in bulk to a car wash business. A customer who frequents the business will appreciate a little thank you packet once in a while. Place a few towels and a business card in a see-through bag, with a printed message that thanks the person for using the services that the business offers. Remind them of extra services that they may be unaware of, such as a pet wash or motorcycle cleaning area.

Air Freshener Giveaways

Ask an employee to take an afternoon to personally say thank you to each customer that uses the facility. The company representative can hand out an air freshener to each driver. The package can feature a sticker with the car wash address on it as an advertisement. You can buy custom air fresheners from Kleen-Rite if you like this idea. Another small gift of appreciation is a vent stick with a pleasing fragrance that will remind the driver of the car wash when the scent wafts in the air of the vehicle.

Bottles of cold water with a label that advertises the business will be a nice touch when handed out to customers on a hot summer day. Any small item from car wash employees will make for a nice customer appreciation giveaway.

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