Increase the Green Rating of Your Carwash

Increase the Green Rating of Your Carwash


With the recent trend of consumers being focused on environmentally friendly companies, your carwash may need to take strides towards being more environmentally conscious, if you want to increase your ability to profit, today. Below are just a couple of steps you can take towards that end.

Make the switch to propane. Propane is not considered a greenhouse gas, because it does not damage the environment when it is used or if it is released in its natural form. With a 120 gallon propane tank, you don’t have to worry about having to make space for an enormous tank on your lot. Using the 120 gallon propane tank also means you don’t have to buy the amount that you would have to with a larger tank, but you can still promote your business as being greenhouse friendly.

Use green cleaners. There are several cleaners on the market for your carwash to choose from, but not all of them are environmentally friendly. By choosing green cleaners, you can increase consumers’ faith in you as an environmentally friendly retailer. In turn, you can watch your profits soar.

Consider renewable energy. If you use just one solar panel to help power your carwash, this is something that the public will be able to see. Since most people understand you may not have the funds to install a solar system large enough to power the entire business, you’ll still get credit for trying to use at least some solar energy to run the carwash.