Introducing Rupes iBrid Polishers

There’s something inherently alluring about a just-polished vehicle. The glint of sunlight on the rich paint, the meticulous lines charting their course across the sheet metal, the bulges, curves, and glistening grille- it all gives the model a sense of confidence and charm. Car owners settle into the driver’s seat with a satisfied smile, while the detailer can rest easy, knowing their work has successfully concluded. It’s a sense of occasion all around, yet it’s only achievable with the help of the right tools. For over a decade, many of these gleeful car owners and satisfied detailers have Rupes Bigfoot polishers to thank. Now, Rupes has introduced their iBrid polishers. This expansion to the Bigfoot line delivers amazing features to help professional detailers get jobs done quickly and safely while maintaining the highest degree of quality.

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Having been founded in 1947 out of Milan, Italy, Rupes is uniquely familiar with the world of car detailing. Through trial and error, over the course of generations, they’ve been able to develop some of the most innovative, effective tools on the open market. Their iBrid line of polishers is a perfect example. Whether it be the iBrid HLR21, iBrid HLR15, or iBrid HLR75, you’re working with a tool that’s been thoroughly refined.

Rupes iBrid Bigfoot Family of Polishers

The three particular polishers highlighted in this overview- the HLR21, HLR15, and HLR75- all come with distinct traits and abilities, yet still fall within the Rupes iBrid Bigfoot product line. So, as you might expect, they share plenty of similarities as well.

For one thing, they’re all electrically sourced by battery. Secondly, they all deliver immense speed, with RPM ranging anywhere from 3000 to 5500 depending on the model you choose. Perhaps most importantly, they can all be paired with specific pads or outfitted with specific accessories to help you attain the results you’re after.

Choosing your next polisher takes a bit of research. To lend a helping hand, we’ve laid out this research for you in a convenient, insightful overview!

Rupes iBrid HLR15 and HLR21 Polishers

It’s impossible to talk about either the HLR15 polisher or HLR21 polisher without mentioning the other. The two acclaimed polishers share many features and characteristics, yet do differ in a few key specifications and accessories. We’ll breakdown the similarities first, before highlighting the differences.

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Extensive engineering went into the development of both the iBrid HLR15 and iBrid HLR21. Each polisher makes noise reduction a priority, along with a decrease in vibrations. They’re smooth operators with an emphasis on ergonomics to reduce user fatigue. Additionally, both models make use of a powerful Li-ion battery. Some features you can expect from the batteries of each polisher includes:

  • Voltage: 18 DC
  • Battery Life Time: 30-40 min
  • Battery Charging Time: 50-55 min
  • Smart LED battery indicator
  • New Eccentric Set- A unique polisher shape which offers the user comfort, simple handling, and easy maneuverability
  • Anti-Spinning Ring- Reduces friction and heat while offering lengthier usability
  • In-Runner Brushless Motor- Superior ventilation (without need for engine housing) and maximum power output at 350W.

The smart LED battery indicator is a massive benefit. The LED strip runs up along the side of each polisher. If it begins to blink slowly, it means your battery is low and will soon require a recharge. If it blinks rapidly however, your polisher is overheating and may require a rest. Finally, an anti-spinning ring is in place on both polishers. The advancement reduces friction and heat while providing exceptional smoothness in operation.


The distinct specifications separating the Rupes Bigfoot iBrid HLR15 and HLR21 may be the deciding factor when choosing the right polisher for you.

To start, the HLR21 is larger than the HLR15. With the HLR21 you can expect a 6” backing pad, a 13/16” orbit, and an overall weight of 4.3 pounds. By contrast, the HLR15 is sleeker with its 5” backing pad, 19/32” orbit, and 3.8-pound weight. There’s a difference in maximum RPM, too. Both have a baseline of 3000 RPM, yet the HLR21 peaks at 4400 RPM, while the HLR15 reaches a 5200 RPM peak.

And then there’s the matter of what you’ll be getting in each polisher kit. In addition to the polisher itself, a pair of batteries, and a charging station, the HLR15 and HLR21 come with unique accessories.

rupes polisher with pads, batteries, and detailing compound

HLR15 Kit Includes:

  • 2 x D-A intermediate foam polishing pad
  • 2 x D-A fine foam polishing pad
  • 2 x wool polishing pad coarse
  • 2 x wool polishing pad fine
  • D-A coarse polishing compound
  • D-A fine polishing compound

HLR21 Kit Includes:

  • DA coarse polishing compound
  • DA fine polishing compound
  • 2-DA blue wool pads
  • 2-DA yellow wool pads
  • 2-DA yellow foam pads
  • 2-DA azure foam pads

Both polishers clearly deliver a superb level of performance and usability. For many, the choice will come down to personal preference and specific application needs.

Rupes iBrid HLR75

The refinement found in the HLR15 and HLR21 is also present in the HLR75. It wouldn’t be an iBrid polisher if it wasn’t thoroughly and painstakingly developed by Rupes engineers. What separates the HLR75 from the others are a few key specifications such as:

  • Battery Life Time: 45 minutes
  • Battery Charging Time: 35 minutes
  • Orbit Size: .5”
  • Backing Plate: 3”
  • RPM: 3000-5500

So, the HLR75 is a somewhat smaller polisher, weighing just 1.1 pounds, with a longer battery life and quicker recharge time than the previous two. You aren’t skimping on any speed with this product however, as the 5500 maximum RPM showcases. What you will find in the HLR75 that is shared with the prior two polishers are helpful technologies such as an electronic speed module and the integrated LED lights. If the characteristics of the iBrid line are ideal for you, yet you need a smaller, lighter polisher for more precision work than what the HLR15 or HLR21 offer, then the HLR75 is an optimal choice.  

Rupes iBrid Polishers: The Attention to Detail is a Win for Detailers

It’s the little things that go a long way in the world of detailing. Thankfully, Rupes sweated over each detail in their Bigfoot polisher lineup. The result? Finely crafted tools such as the iBrid HLR15, iBrid HLR21, and iBrid HLR75. Any and all of these polishers will help your shop deliver the care and precision that makes car owners giddy upon seeing their gleaming ride. So, why not take your first big step towards securing an iBrid Bigfoot polisher from the famed Rupes lineup?

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