The Detailing Industry: Historical Trends

Prior to the 1980s, detailing was not available to the general consumer. Detailing was done as a wholesale service to return used cars to like-new condition to improve their chance of resale. Back then, the average car owner did not keep a new car for very long before trading it in, so there was little need for him to have a car detailed. As of 1978, for example, the average new vehicle was owned for just 3.2 years.

Prices of new cars began to rise in the 1980s, and this forced car shoppers to keep their cars longer. In 1982, the average used car cost about $3,000, whereas a new car sold for about $10,000. In today’s market, average prices for used and new cars are about $15,000 and $24,000 respectively. Ownership of a new car now usually lasts 8 years.

Consumers are now paying to have their cars taken care of for them because they need them to last longer. With longer work hours and both marital partners working, these consumers are willing to pay, and a booming industry has arrived.

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