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Which Mytee Extractor is Right for My Business?

Mytee 8070 Cleaning Floor Mat

Buying equipment for your auto detailing business is an investment. Mytee offers top-of-the-line extractors for professional detailers, and they have various models so you can choose the right amount of power and functionality you need without spending more money than necessary. Any professional detailer worth their salt will need a proper extractor for carpet cleaning – it’s just a matter of finding the right units!

What are the Main Differences Between Different Mytee Extractors Models?

  1. Larger solution and recovery tanks
  2. More powerful motors or more motors
  3. Stronger PSI pumps
  4. Heaters added to standard models, or higher wattage heaters on larger models
  5. Durability differences like upgraded wheels or thicker housing walls

Levels of Mytee Extractors

If you’re a large-scale professional detailer, it’s tempting to save money by buying a small model extractor and testing its limits. The reality is, you’ll probably end up not having enough power, and you’ll either waste time or possibly not be able to handle your detailing jobs at all. At the same time, a large overpowered extractor isn’t necessary for small spot cleaning, and you might find yourself frustrated at the lack of maneuverability and portability. Here’s a simple breakdown of Mytee’s extractor models to help you figure out what’s best for your needs!

Light Duty

mytee model 8070 extractor
Mytee 8070

These extractors are light and compact but still well above the quality level of consumer-grade extractors. They work well for low volume detailers, mobile detailers, and shops with limited space. Excellent for easier detailing jobs, quick cleanup, and spot cleaning. Even though they are small, they are… mighty!

Medium Duty

These mid-level extractors are great options for when you’re looking for serious power and longevity while still having a great level of portability and a reasonable footprint. They’re still nimble enough for spot cleaning tasks, but strong enough for full detailing jobs. If you’re a busy detailer looking for some value, consider these models.

mytee model hp120 extractor
Mytee HP120

Heavy Duty

These are the big boys ideal for the most intense full detailing and the most demanding auto detailing challenges. They boasts top levels of power and heating capabilities, so they can tackle deeply embedded dirt and grime, stubborn stains, and tough restoration. They boast tremendous longevity, so they can be used frequently without worrying about them breaking down. Mytee does a great job of avoiding unnecessary bulk, even with these heavy-duty models, but these are not the extractors you want if you plan to move around a lot with your equipment.

mytee model ltd3 extractor
Mytee LTD3


mytee model 1600 steamer
Mytee 1600

While extractors offer fast and powerful carpet cleaning, they are a bit of a one-trick pony. Steamers are a more versatile option that can be used for carpet cleaning, but also for seats, upholstery, exteriors, headliners, leather, and even removal of stickers and decals. You might choose to use an extractor for tough carpet cleaning, while having a steamer on hand for more specialized tasks. Mytee offers their awesome 1600 Focus Vapor Steamer for specialized cleaning and disinfecting.

Rotary Extractors

mytee model t-rex rotary extractor
Mytee T-REX

Rotary extractors make it a breeze to clean big expanses of carpeting and heavy rugs. They are primarily used for rooms and offices, although they might helpful for unique RV and bus cleaning applications with large, open carpeted areas.

Rotary extractors function in a similar manner to pressure washing surface cleaners in that they have a large circle-shaped cleaning head with a wide cleaning path. These specialty carpet cleaners use solution jets, vacuum glides, and agitating brushes on the cleaning head that spin rapidly to clean carpet quickly and effectively.

Parts and Accessories

Kleen-Rite sells Mytee OEM replacement parts to service and repair your machine to maintain peak performance and extend its life.

Mytee Upholstery Tool Cleaning Floor

In addition, we have tools, wands, and other helpful accessories from Mytee that help you get the most from your extractor!

Mytee – A Respected Name in the Detailing Industry

mytee brand logo

Harry Arseniu has multiple decades of experience in the detailing industry and operates Logan’s Car Wash in Burnham, PA. Harry told us, “Mytee extractors are extremely popular with pro detailers. People have a really good experience with them, so they stick with the brand when they upgrade. I often see detailers upgrade from the 8070 to the HP60 or HP120. Mytee’s products allow you to size up as your business grows, or as you come across more challenging detailing jobs. The great thing is, it’s a similar usability as you upgrade. So, you get a more powerful machine without having to totally relearn how to use it.”

Whether you’re starting from scratch or asking yourself if it’s time to upgrade, Kleen-Rite has a full selection of Mytee extractor products for you to shop!

Update: Now Offering Mytee Value Bundles!

Some exciting news: we now offer Mytee value bundles for your detailing needs! These are product packages containing a Mytee extractor PLUS a selection of great essential chemicals to make your job easier! These cleaning kits take the guesswork out of getting your started, and are sure to give a quality performance. Check out the details below!

  • MYS300-B – This is a bundled package that features a Mytee S-300 extractor and a chemical kit including Kleen-Shine All-Purpose Soap (KS1091), Extractor Defoamer Additive (KS1118) and Mytee system maintainer (3601).
  • MYHP60-B – The HP60 compact, heated Spyder extractor includes both a crevice tool (8700) and cleaning wand (8390-EZ), plus the chemical kit!
  • MYHP120-B – The Grand Prix bundle features the HP120 Spyder extractor, starter chemical kit and both a crevice tool (8700) and cleaning wand (8390-EZ) to reach ALL the tough areas.
  • MYS300H-B – Heat things up with this package that includes the heated Tempo S-300H and starter chemical kit.
  • MYA8070-B – This money-saving bundle includes a Mytee 8070 Lite, an 8700 Crevice Tool, and the soap, defoamer and maintenance chemical kit!
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