Top 5 Reasons to Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel

“I’m super busy,” you may think to yourself. “I don’t have any free time. Who needs another YouTube channel to watch?”

Well, what if you could improve your car wash knowledge from your couch? What if you could stay up to date on the latest in car wash products and technology, with minimal daily investment?

That’s what Kleen-Rite’s YouTube channel brings to you!

In-Depth Reviews of the Latest Products!

At Kleen-Rite, we keep on top of some of the best new products across the car wash spectrum. After we sift through all the info and details, we bring you in-depth reviews of everything that you can use to get an advantage. This can range from the latest disinfecting sprayers to this year’s brand-new Little Trees scents, and so muchmore!

By bringing you honest reviews of the latest products, we want to help you make those tough purchasing decisions for your business. Our YouTube channel is the best place to check out some of the latest carwash innovations. For example, this year alone, products like our Hog Daddy hogs hair foam brushes, the X-Jet and X-Jet M5 nozzles, and disinfecting sprayers to tackle the tough terrain of the COVID-19 pandemic have all debuted, and there’s more to come!

billy sprays on youtube on cell phone

Billy Sprays!

Vendor and manufacturer YouTube videos are dry and boring, right?

Not when you’ve got Billy Sprays on your team! We know that you want to be entertained as well as informed, which is why we’ve brought this master presenter on board. Billy Sprays is the man when you want to be invigorated about our latest offerings!

Check out his recent reviews of the X-Jet products and the new EZ-Grate easy-install grating and keep your eyes out for more Billy Sprays videos in the works!

Updates on Our Latest Specials!

When you need more than on on-line description or a blurb in an e-mail, and you want to know more about the specials we offer, our YouTube channel is a great place to go to find out what you are looking for.

This goes beyond just products. You can find information on how to get custom air fresheners with your wash logo. Find help signing up for the Kleen-Rite Rewards Club. Check out an overview of what you can do with your Kleen-Rite Reward points. We often announce sales and discounts on the channel – when you subscribe, you’ll be the first to know about them.

Detail Products, Retail Products, and More to Expand Your Offerings!

Kleen-Rite has built our reputation on being the premiere provider for the carwash industry. But did you know that we are more than just car wash suppliers?

Our YouTube channel touches on pressure-washing products, detailing products, retail and vending products, and much more! If you were wondering about adding additional goods and services to your offerings, the channel is a great place to look for ideas. Anything you see on the channel is only an online order or phone call away.

How-To Videos for Easy Fixes and Servicing!

Sometimes you just need the nitty gritty. For example, you’re looking for a quick fix for a broken pump to get your wash back to work. You need a guide for suggested servicing of your systems. You need those tips and tricks at your fingers.

The top reason to subscribe to our YouTube channel is our extensive collection of How-To videos. Seminars, Tom’s Way DIY videos, piston pump repair, LED lighting installation, brush head replacement, and pressure regulator maintenance videos are just a few of the top resources our channel provides.

Our how-to videos are concise and give you the ability to fast-forward or rewind as needed. This allows you to rewind if you miss something or feel uncomfortable. Just watch it over and over again until you are confident! Best of all, the mobile platform offered by YouTube means you can take our how-to videos anywhere you can take your phone. You don’t have to move equipment or tools to watch along. We can be there right next to you in your shop, pump room, or bays!

Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the newest videos delivered to you the moment they are posted! It’s a free way to make the most of your partnership with the number one supplier for the car wash industry, Kleen-Rite!

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