Best Chemical Dispensers for Agriculture From Hydro Systems

Chemical dosing in agriculture is a common and invaluable practice in a variety of farming applications. Hydro Systems has a variety of chemical dispensers for agriculture, providing solutions in irrigation, animal care, horticulture and more! From hand held pressure spray pumps or similar devices to more complex equipment used to gradually disseminate chemicals, having the right equipment helps you to maximize the effectiveness of chemicals and treatments.

Chemical dispensers are vital in agriculture not only to keep facilities clean, but also to keep water lines flowing free with clean water. Not to mention they help with tasks like fertilizing, irrigation, pest treatments, and proper dosing of medications and vaccinations. Kleen-Rite has equipment for farming applications to help keep crops and livestock at their best. Let’s explore some of Hydro System’s innovative dosing solutions.

Chemical Dispensers and Water Line Sanitization

Whether your growing operation is large or small, ornamentals or consumables, odds are you utilize a variety of water-soluble products to keep your stock healthy. Water lines are quite literally life lines in any agricultural operation. Keeping these tubes clean, sanitized and blockage free helps keep plants and animals properly hydrated. The lines will also deliver supplemental nutrients and preventative treatments.

Why is water line sanitization important?

When raising plants and animals, both your water source and your distribution system have to be kept clean. In other words, water sanitization is a big priority. Issues can potentially rise due to minerals in untreated well water and because of biofilms that develop in the lines. Biofilm is a thin, slimy film of bacteria that accumulates on surfaces, and in a water system it can become a staging area for harmful pathogens and contaminations. Chemical sanitizers help to keep biofilm and mineral deposits in check, in order to minimize a range of potential problems.

Dispenser Compatibility

Once a biofilm is established in a water system, the system is 10-1000 times harder to clean. It is important to use strong cleaners on a frequent basis. For this you’ll need a chemical dispenser that can handle strong acids usually used as sanitizers. Water driven pumps are widely used in agricultural operations, and popular models like the E-Dos, Chemilizer, and WorldChem make water treatments easy.

E-Dos Electric Pump Chemical Dispenser


E-Dos is a quiet and compact electronic injector, featuring outputs of 2.1 GPH and a maximum pressure of 105 PSI, creating a high-resolution chemical feed. What’s more is this equipment handles highly aggressive chemicals like chlorine dioxide without the risk of premature failure or downtime. Additionally, E-Dos can accept and interpret a wide variety of external sensors including pulse and analog water meters, and pH and electrical conductivity (EC) sensors that allow it to meter dosing based on the changing needs of the environment.



The Chemilizer is chemical injector that utilizes proven diaphragm technology. Powered by the existing water supply, the internal motor drives the chemical pump, injecting very precise amounts of chemical. This pump features silicone and Viton components to withstand aggressive chemicals. The Chemilizer can also be retrofitted with an adjustable pump. This unit is perfect for dosing acids or cleaning chemicals, plus it’s versatile enough to inject medications, vaccinations and nutrients by adjusting the rate of injection as needed by twisting the setting ring.


The WorldChem sanitation system automatically dilutes and dispenses concentrated cleaning products in foaming or spraying mode. You can’t find a simpler, easier to use sanitation system! Simply turn on your water flow, select the desired function/setting, and the cleaning process begins. WorldChem uses precise dilution technology including specially designed eductors and full flow rinse to allow chemicals to work to their maximum effectiveness. In addition, you get superior performance at the lowest cost!

chemical dispensers for agriculture

AquaBlend Xtreme

The AquaBlend Xtreme is compatible with line cleaning chemicals, featuring specifically engineered materials for advanced chemical resistance. It is accurate enough for precision medication dosing, but also tough enough to stand up to corrosion. This unit is quick and easy to install and it can handle liquid chemicals and wettable powders, too!

Chemical Dispensers for Supplemental Nutrients, Medications and More!

Hydro System’s dosing pumps are ideal for properly medicating, vaccinating, and treating water consumed by plants and animals. Proper doses keep stock healthy and disease free during their growth cycle, resulting in maximum output for growers. There are both internal and external methods of administering treatments depending on what your needs are. Of course, many of the injectors made by Hydro Systems are multifunctional. Not only can they handle harsh cleaning chemicals, but also water-soluble powders and fluid solutions engineered for boosting growth and vitality.


Fluid Driven Proportional Injectors

The specifically engineered AquaBlend injector treats water in most agricultural environments. It is perfect for accurately dosing fluid or water-soluble powdered medications, supplements, vaccines, fertilizers and nutrients! AquaBlends can also be enhanced and customized with the help of Hydro reps.

Other units like the MiniDos, SuperDos, and Hydro-Minder are also great performers for these essential jobs. Non-electric units let the fluid flow do the work. WDP’s have a separate internal mixing chamber to prevent chemical contact with motor piston for uniform mixing and extended life. There are a variety of models of these pumps available featuring different seal materials, flow ranges and injection ranges in order to suit a plethora of applications.

Chemical Dispensing Sprayer/Foamer

Sprayers and Foamers

Hydro Systems offers a broad selection of equipment to make important agricultural tasks easier for you, including spraying and foaming equipment to disperse solutions. These options, like the Satellite sprayer/foamer, HydroFoamer and HydroSprayer are budget-friendly, versatile and mobile tools most commonly used for biosecurity practices in commercial agriculture. Dilutions dispense from the nozzles in the range and space you specify to safeguard areas such as barn interiors, hatchery surfaces, food processing areas, loading bays and more. Simply fill the concentrate container (or attach the concentrate bottle depending on the model you choose) and connect the dispenser to a water source.

Hydro Systems has so many brilliant solutions to industrial and commercial tasks. Check out solutions for kitchens and food service we talked about previously in the blog, and watch for future articles exploring other innovative dispensing equipment.

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