Laundry Dispensing and Dilution Equipment from Hydro Systems

Laundry DIspensing CP-300 Peristaltic Pump

Hydro Systems has innovative laundry dispensing and dilution solutions for your business! Automated dispensing in coin-operated laundries and commercial laundry operations is becoming increasingly popular. It is also the key to efficiency, effectiveness and cost management. Installing automatic chemical dispensing can positively impact cleaning operations of any size. Let’s check out some options you can use to pull your business into the automated age of clean laundry!

Dispensing for On-Premise Laundry, Laundromats and Commercial Services

Self-service laundry markets expand more each year as urbanization grows. Advancements in laundry dispensing and dilution help to streamline the process of cleaning clothes, linens and more for both customers and operators. You can’t have effective cleaning without effective chemicals, and along with temperature, mechanical agitation and time you create conditions for perfectly clean fabrics. At a self-serve laundry, customers either supply their own detergent or for purchase it from a vending machine on-site. Then, they have to manually dose each chemical (e.g. bleach, softener, and detergents) to get through the cycle of each load.

What are the advantages of automatic dispensers?

Eclipse Laundry Dispensing Controller

Chemical dispensers are great solutions to some of the issues that both laundromat owners and customers face. First, it spares those laundering from lugging multiple bottles of product along with them to the machines. Dispensers can be connected to multiple washing machines. They also have the capacity to accurately dose up to 10 different products. This allows you to supply multiple formulas to cater to the preferences of your clientele and their needs. Offer a variety of detergents, stain-fighters, scents and more to appeal to a broad range of people.

From the owner’s perspective, dispensing systems help to oversee multiple locations with options like remote access and monitoring. Automated systems let the operator see what’s going on, even if they aren’t on site, and allow for remote configuration changes online. Data collected by the systems also helps you to tweak your set-up to optimize water, chemical and energy usage, ultimately saving you money. Connected dispensers also help to improve sustainability!

Finally, Hydro Systems are accurate and reliable. Owners and customers alike can trust that their machines are getting a proper dose and dilution, every wash. Good, consistent performance leads to satisfied repeat users.

Commercial Laundry Services

Commercial laundry services are contracted operations that pick-up laundry, uniforms, linens and other textiles from hospitals, hotels and other venues. The laundry is processed at a separate facility then returned to the business. These are large scale operations that are usually guided by industry standards that guarantee a certain level of cleanliness of the bulk materials entrusted to them. Dosing and dilution equipment is even more important in commercial processes due to the high temps and strength of the chemicals in use. There is very little handling of textiles through the process in these facilities, until the laundry is ready to be inspected, pressed and folded for return. These businesses build their reputations on quality, timeliness and efficiency, and automation makes these things easy to achieve.

Dispensing Equipment Options

Hydro Systems has a variety of excellent options for both self-service and commercial laundry operations. Here are some of the best options that can work in a variety of laundry businesses.

Connected Total Eclipse

The Connected Total Eclipse combines 2 innovative Hydro Systems units: the reliable Total Eclipse controller with the cutting edge reporting of Hydro Connect. The cost-effective and user-friendly electronic controller is designed for laundry operations with 1-4 washers. You can also retrofit any Hydro laundry dispenser that is capable of using an Eclipse or Total Eclipse Controller. Simply add a gateway and change out the controller. This controller is a star, offering enhanced control of up to 8 products (depending on the pump stand you use) and programs up to 20 different wash formulas. With outstanding data management capabilities, reporting is a breeze to use. Summary reports on product usage, costs per formula, system settings and diagnostics and activity log are easily and viewed or imported. You can also download them to the USB flash drive. Data allows you to adapt your program for efficiency and customer satisfaction.



The EvoClean is a zero maintenance, venturi-based, water-powered commercial laundry unit. It features an integrated control system to govern four, six or eight products. The unit also offers an integrated flush manifold, ‘out-of-product’ alarm and optional remote formula selection. The EvoClean has no peristaltic tubes, no routine maintenance requirements, and no moving parts. These energy-saving devices also feature USB programming for up to 21 formulas. Again, they are available in 4, 6 or 8 product models.

Peristaltic Pumps

Hydro Systems carries a variety of peristaltic style pumps to fit a broad range of laundry dispensing applications. These are simple devices that can help you modernize your laundry facility without a complicated interface. Programmable positive displacement peristaltic pumps use rollers in low pressure jobs that rotate on a wheel inside the pump that compresses the internal hose and forces the fluid through. There are versatile options available for on-premise and commercial operations.

Small Laundry Options

Here are 4 popular, compact peristaltic options for your on-site laundry facilities:

CP-300 (Taurus) – This is a fully programmable dispenser for a single product. A simple option for top load laundry machines.

TL-400 (Sprite) – A Sprite unit dispenses two liquid laundry products into any top load or small capacity washing machine. Offers 3 modes of operation and up to 4 different programmable formulas to handle different levels of soil in clothing.

TL-700 (Mercury) – The 3 product Mercury dispenser offers 4 modes of operation and auto formula select from up to 6 chemistries. A variety of great features in this unit allows you to modernize while still keeping your interface simple.

LM-200 – This unit handles up to 6 different chemicals and up to 20 laundry formulas. This system includes a washer mounted controller, machine interface, and a wall-mount pump module.

Commercial Laundry Options

LL-6000 and LL-80000 chemical injection systems are designed for larger commercial laundry establishments. Both units have a controller machine interface and a wall-mounted pump stand. These units automatically transfer up to 8 liquid laundry products from the shipping containers to the washers, safely and accurately. Compatible with Eclipse and Total Eclipse controllers.

Depletion Wands

Depletion wands are devices placed in chemical drums for efficient chemical uptake. These units simplify laundry processes by making connections between a single chemical drum and up to three laundry dispensers. Depletion wands come equipped with a float switch to detect and alert users to low product conditions. This reduces the risks of poor wash results and unsatisfied customers. Depletion wands also help to prevent chemical spills in your facility. These flexible units have the ability to connect to an EvoClean dispenser or standalone alarm unit. Suitable for laundries of all sizes with a full range of sizes to fit different chemical containers from 10L to 200L.

Call a sales professional at Kleen-Rite today to discuss when machinery will work best for your facility. They can walk you through the options including any customizations for units to get your system automated! Don’t forget to check out Hydro-System’s solutions to agricultural applications and warewash operations as well!