Best Pressure Washing Equipment To Increase Productivity

Are you looking to increase the efficiency of your commercial pressure washing business? Use a variety of equipment options to streamline your pressure washing. Some parts increase your productivity while other accessories serve niche functions to make the job easier. More jobs per day equates to more profit. Here are 10 of our favorite professional pressure washer upgrades available at Kleen-Rite to increase your productivity.

Foam Cannons Boost Cleaning Efficiency

The first product that boosts your productivity is a foam cannon, also known as a pressure washer foamer. Foaming cannons attach to the end of a pressure washer lance or directly to the discharge connector of a pressure wash gun. Foam sticks to surfaces, allowing chemicals to dwell and loosen dirt. Foamers reduce spraying time and help avoid using extreme pressure on easily damaged surfaces.

Chemical Injection Nozzles Protect Pressure Washers

Boost your cleaning power without damaging your pressure washing equipment. Downstream chemical injectors attach at the end of a spray gun lance, which eliminates sending harsh chemicals through your commercial pressure washing equipment. As water moves through the injector, chemicals are mixed and diluted according to the specifications of the inserted tip.

If you are in the market for a chemical injector, we got you covered. Try the X-Jet, a revolutionary downstream injection nozzle system. Simply match the appropriate flow rate and pressure ratings for your pressure washer. For an in-depth explanation, visit our recent post all about the X-Jet or watch a fun video we made.

Turbo Nozzle Boosts Your Productivity

Rotating nozzles offer the best cleaning power for hard surfaces such as concrete. These nozzles spray 0-degree water jets in a circular rotation at varying diameters and rotations per minute. Turbo nozzles feature varying degrees of coverage for specific tasks. Check out our large selection of turbo nozzles guaranteed to get the job done.

Get A Comfortable Grip With Ergonomic and Easy Pull Spray Guns

Increase your productivity with a higher quality spray gun. Handling spray guns over long periods causes pain in your wrists. Avoid this by using guns with ergonomic grips or easy-pull triggers, which mean fewer breaks and downtime. We offer a variety of the best spray gun brands, so you’re bound to find the style that matches your preference.

Adjust Your Reach Using Telescoping Wands

Using a telescoping wand enables the user to hit out-of-reach elevations. These wands extend in various incremental sections, permitting a diverse range of spray heights. When not in use, the wands collapse to reduce storage space. We sell wands that extend as long as 24 feet!

Reach Unique Angles with Gutter Attachments

Reaching and cleaning gutters is a frustrating task. We sell pressure washer attachments designed for gutter cleaning we know will increase your productivity. Place these attachments at the end of a spray gun lance. Gutter cleaners are curved so pressurized water is directed downward towards the gutter.

Flexible wands are a unique piece of equipment that enables you to operate in tight spaces and reach awkward angles. Use this attachment to fit your wand in harder-to-reach areas that require various bends to reach. This attachment enables pressurized streams of water to be aimed in any direction and angle.

Unload the Pressure

When water pressure builds up without relief your pressure washer will be damaged. Using unloader valves help prevent damage to your pressure washing equipment. Unloaders regulate the pressure generated caused by the build-up of excess water when the spray gun trigger is not compressed. The closed unloader redirects water back through the pump’s inlet valve recycling the water. Your pump will overheat if cool water is not cycled through it. When water is sprayed the pump will draw in a fresh batch of cooler water. We sell a wide variety of pressure washer-specific unloaders and parts to repair them.

A Quick Connection to Higher Productivity

Quick connect nozzles and couplers are a great way to quickly swap tips and parts to adapt to the current job. Check out our selection of quick connect couplers.

Having quick-connect spray tips on hand is crucial. During a typical pressure washing job, you may need to swap spray tips multiple times. Quick connect spray tips are color-coded based on the spray angle. The four most common spray angles are 0° (Red), 15° (Yellow), 25° (Green), and 40° (White). The black nozzles are for applying soaps. Make sure to purchase the correct orifice size to match the specifications of your equipment.

Don’t Overlook the Importance of Your Hose

Choosing the right hose is crucial. First, you need to make sure the hose diameter fits your system. Most commercial grade pressure washers use a diameter of 3/8”. When selecting the hose, you also want to take into account some materials mark surfaces. Marked surfaces need cleaned again, costing you valuable time. Increase your productivity by choosing non-marking hose.

Flexibility is another factor in hose choice. Flexible hose, for example, enables movement around your environment without much trouble.

The most important part of selecting a hose is making sure it can withstand the pressure produced by your washer. Aside from being potentially dangerous, a hose with the wrong pressure rating wears out faster. Be sure to check hose specifications to ensure you’re getting the proper PSI. Finally, a worn-out hose is never as good as a brand-new high-pressure hose – prevent lost time and money by replacing it regularly. We offer a multitude of precut hose lengths as well as custom length pressure washer hose.

Reel It In

Use a hose reel to prevent tangles and eliminate time wasted from coiling your hose by hand. In addition, hose reels store hose during breaks preventing damage. In addition, hose reels create a clean professional look when mounted on your truck or trailer.

There are two main versions of hose reels: hand crank and motor powered. Hand crank hose reels operate as the name suggests, you crank it yourself. Motor-powered (typically electric) ones do the work for you.

Increase your profits by purchasing pressure washing equipment that eliminates wasted time enabling your business to complete more jobs.

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