Frequently Asked Questions – Free Shipping with the Rewards Club

Is it easy to get free shipping through the Kleen-Rite Rewards Club, or is it just another annoying points program where you never really see the benefit?

Loyalty is Key

Like location in real estate, with Kleen-Rite it’s all about loyalty, loyalty, loyalty! Kleen-Rite has built its business on having committed customers who stick with us, many of them buying ALL of their car wash supplies from us. We’ve built our reputation on reciprocating that loyalty back to them.

Free Shipping is King

After talking to several of our customers, it’s obvious that free shipping is the number one priority with our Rewards Club. There are several different options for customers to redeem their accrued points, but cutting down or eliminating shipping costs is absolutely what customers want. So, how easy is it to get free shipping?

How Can I Get Free Shipping?

I use an uncomplicated scenario to illustrate how a customer might get most -if not all- of their shipping costs eliminated. This strategy is very reasonable for commercial car wash owners, and makes free shipping attainable with some simple loyalty.

First of all, I recommend taking advantage of the regular Kleen-Rite free shipping offers not associated with the Rewards Club. That includes two Kleen-Scene magazine offers for orders over $750 each year. In addition, we offer six $1250 free shipping deals for each of the major trade shows throughout the year.

To use all of those, you’d have to spend at $9000 total. The great thing is, you get ten points for every single one of those dollars spent, totaling 90,000 points. That’s enough points to grab twelve more free shipping offers, as long as each order is under 40 lbs. total.

With a little bit of planning and a commitment to buying from Kleen-Rite, it’s realistic that you can eliminate your shipping costs for the entire year.

It’s important to note that Kleen-Rite does not charge any kind of sneaky subscription fee or yearly membership fee to be in our Rewards Club. What you see is what you get when you collect your points, and redeeming them is a straightforward process.

Jerry Nix from Speedi Car Wash is a Rewards Club member and praised the program:

“It’s a great way to save on shipping costs when you make Kleen-Rite your ‘go-to’ supplier for vending and car wash parts. If you can order enough chemicals to qualify for free shipping, i.e. pallets of soap, this is where you can really build up points fast in your account. I am more than thrilled with the Kleen-Rite Reward Program’s opportunities that the Kleen-Rite Team has created for their customers. Thank you, Kleen-Rite!”

Make sure to check out the article in this magazine that includes more customer feedback from folks who actively use the Rewards Club to benefit their car wash!

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