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Listening Online Car Wash Radio Show   New ideas and innovation may happen, while we are going through everyday life and solving our individual business problems. Listening to other owners’ stories of how they got through the start of their car washing career and have made decisions that made them successful, are worthy of telling. is a website dedicated to telling the human story of successful car wash owners. The sight is free to all listeners and there is even a weekly email to announce who the “Interview of the Week” will be.

The four basic tenants of, are found on the front page, of the home page and are as follows:

Get Inspired:
Business is tough! It is easy to lose sight of the excitement and energy that accompanied the run up to opening the wash for business.  Hearing others talk about how they got started and what they endured on their way to success, can inspire us to keep going.  The message that endurance generally pays off, may help us all to persevere.

Get Motivated:
Life, day after day, can become mundane. We lose steam and energy wanes. Hearing others talk about their business experiences can be informative, entertaining and up lifting. We can readily identify with the common “car wash” experience of our compatriots.

Get Knowledge:
None of us know it all.  Our industry is a compendium of all of our ideas, solutions, trials and errors.  Sharing those ideas gives us an opportunity to grow collectively and individually.  This is what motivates the forming of trade associations.  The interviews conducted by are candid and open and all can benefit from the discussions. Many funny stories emerge which are worth the listening and may lighten your day.

Get New Wash Ideas:
The Issues and Ideas page gives those listening, fresh ideas and solutions to issues which owners face individually and may be experienced by others. Issues like imminent domain and drought restrictions are among the topics discussed.

Infomercials with vendors, tell the rationale behind new innovation offerings, to the industry.

There were two additional thoughts which pointed to why the need for existed:

Preserving the voice of an aging generation:
In the last few years, some of the pioneers of the industry have passed away.  The 100 Years of Car Washing effort by the ICA, has brought attention to the chasm that exist between the beginnings of car washing and the state of the industry today.

The site’s Legends of Car Washing page was initiated, to get those elder statesmen’s thoughts and memories, of the industry recorded for posterity. The telling of our history allows us to understand more thoroughly why we do what we do.  Blow Dryers, for example, were developed as a labor saving device, to replace human dryers. something we take for granted today.

Bring a component of reality to the new investor discussion:
Competition changes the financial landscape abruptly, for many car wash owners. At recent meetings, the outcry against over building, has become loud and consistent.  Current owners are  rightly concerned about the health and ongoing viability of their livelihoods.

Hearing real owners talk about the effects of such competition may help new investors rethink where they place their washes.

In conclusion, all can benefit from these very real and frank discussions. If you think that you don’t have time to listen, you can listen in your car through your cell phone or table or at your desk, while you work. The interviews are a great way to start the week and can be heard on the go. And remember….

The best and brightest of the car wash industry are talking…

Perry Powell is a car washing consultant
and host of the internet radio show.
He can be found at or