Essential Car Wash Equipment: Coin Acceptors

Car wash equipment has to stand up to a great deal of use, and that goes for everything, from the pumps and sprayers to the vending machines and coin acceptors. The SlugBuster 1 Model P37 is one of the finest coin acceptors on the market. This machinery is one the essential pieces any new car wash needs. Even older car washes that are being retrofitted with new equipment will see exceptional results from this coin acceptor.

The SlugBuster is a trusted name in coin acceptors because it is made by Parker Engineering and manufactured in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The company has made its name on the performance and reliability of these machines. Simple and easy to use, the SlugBuster is the perfect coin and dollar bill acceptor for car washes and other industries where equipment must be run through the use of coin- or dollar-operated equipment.

Any equipment that accepts coins must be reliable if a car wash is going to run well and turn a profit. Faulty equipment can cost a proprietor customers, which in turn means profits. Machinery that is down frequently for repairs can hurt a business, too. That is why the dependability of the Slugbuster has become its major selling point. Other benefits include the fact that it is waterproof – a great advantage for car washes! It has a built-in coin switch and has only two moving parts. This means there are fewer parts to wear out, jam, or break down. Maintenance is low and easy to manage. The SlugBuster 1 Model P37 can even handle golden dollars and Susan B. Anthony dollars.


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