Many services offered at a car wash are automated and require the customer to insert one or more denominations of currency to use. This is particularly true with self-serve car washes where no attendant is on duty. If customers do not have a reliable way to exchange bills for the denominations they need, they will drive away and may not return. For this reason, many car wash owners prefer to install the Mars bill acceptors MEI AE2612.

This bill acceptor takes all variations of the $1, $2, $5, $10, and $20 bills currently found in circulation. It provides easy, 4-way (face up/down, either direction) acceptance and will take new or old bills in any condition. Bills can be inserted face up or face down without incident. This model is considered highly user-friendly because of its extraordinarily low jam rate. With fewer hassles, customers will return again and again. When the owner makes it easy for customers to spend their hard-earned cash, that owner will experience increased sales.

Other features include multi-wave optics and high-tech data processing. The optical sensors are fully-encased and deliver consistently superior recognition of currency. The equipment is designed to be low maintenance. It has no magnetic pinch rollers, an area long known to collect dirt and cause jams. Users will see a signal informing them that the machine is functioning properly. The Mars bill acceptors MEI AE2612 features convenient switches and labels that are easy to read. Set up can be customized to a one-switch configuration.