Simoniz Carbonite Graphene-Infused Surface Hardener

When you hear the word Carbonite, the predicament of Han Solo from Star Wars should typically come to mind, especially for fans of the movies. Inhabitants of the Star Wars universe use Carbonite to preserve goods during transportation, keep people alive during extended space travel, and even collect bounties on wanted individuals. Carbonite creation involves snap-freezing the substance in its gas state to create a hard block of the material around objects and people, in Solo’s case.

Simoniz Carbonite Application
Simoniz Carbonite can be applied by various methods including tunnel wash arches.

By now, you are probably wondering what Carbonite has to do with the car wash industry. Simoniz recently launched Carbonite, an advanced graphene-infused surface hardener to protect vehicles. Thankfully, application of this product does not involve freezing your customer’s vehicle!

What is Graphene?

Graphene is a single layer of carbon atoms that form a tight honeycomb arrangement when bonded together. The substance is harder than a diamond and 200 times stronger than steel. Additionally, the structure is flexible, allowing it to shape around objects. Graphene’s high water contact angle causes water to glide off surfaces coated with the material. These extraordinary qualities make graphene the perfect ingredient for creating new car-protectant products.

Marketing Simoniz Carbonite to Your Customers

Graphene offers many benefits that deliver outstanding protection for vehicles. Here are a few talking points to discuss with your customers that will entice them to purchase a package including Carbonite.

  • Molds to Each Vehicle’s Shape

Carbonite can be applied using multiple methods. We recommend using an arch in a car wash tunnel. This method will ensure the entire car receives a coating of graphene particles. The particles bond, creating a flexible structure of graphene that shapes around the vehicle’s curves to ensure areas typically missed by other products. Other methods, such as using a foamer, are viable too. Just make sure to walk around the car as you apply it to be sure the entire vehicle receives protection.

  • Swirl and Scratch Protection

Since graphene is the toughest substance known to man, Carbonite will provide the best abrasion resistance compared to any other paint protectant on the market. Customers will see fewer fine marks, swirls, and scratches appear in their vehicle’s clear coat once this product is applied.

  • Extremely Hydrophobic

Water spots form when water droplets evaporate from vehicle surfaces and leave behind minerals that will etch into the paint ruining the vehicle’s appearance. Not much can penetrate the tight honeycomb structure of the carbon atoms that make up graphene, which prevents the damage leftover minerals cause. Additionally, graphene’s high water contact angle produces a powerful hydrophobic effect causing water to flee surfaces coated in Simoniz Carbonite. Water droplets won’t stick to surfaces and will slide off vehicles eliminating water spots.

  • Powerful Corrosion Resistance
Simoniz Carbonite Sizes
From left to right: DR30319 – 30 gallon drum of Carbonite, PA5319 – 5 gallon pail of Carbonite, DR55319 – 55 gallon drum of Carbonite

The trade-in value of a vehicle plunges when rust is present because it weakens structural integrity. Winter is the worst time for corrosion because municipalities treat roads with salt and ice melts. These harsh chemicals corrode vehicle surfaces faster. However, an effective protectant like Carbonite minimizes these effects. The impenetrable arrangement of the carbon atoms reduces rust growth on coated surfaces to ensure the vehicles last longer. You might want to apply this to a vehicle’s undercarriage too.

  • Repels Dust

Thermal and electrical conductivity is another remarkable trait of Simoniz Carbonite. This protectant will repel dust and microparticles from coated surfaces. Vehicles will stay cleaner between washes than when other products are applied.

  • Deepens Shine

Customers love to see their vehicles shine, and Simoniz Carbonite is sure to impress. Graphene amplifies the shine of painted surfaces delivering a showroom look. When exiting the car wash tunnel, customers will see the sun’s rays glisten on painted surfaces.

With all these incredible benefits, it is obvious why graphene-infused protectants are rising in popularity. Simoniz knew they needed to pounce on this trend and created Carbonite. We know your customers cherish their vehicles just as much as the bounty hunters in Star Wars value the prize from their bounties, which is why we strive to offer you only the finest protectants on the market. Now, you can set your wash apart from competitors by including a graphene-based protectant in your wash packages and boost your profits.

This article originally appeared in Kleen-Scene Issue 40.