Save Space and Money with a Flojet Air-Operated Diaphragm Pump

Low-pressure services like presoak, tire cleaning, and foam brushes are perfect opportunities to use air-operated pumps. While pumps historically have run on electric motors, air pressure pumps are becoming increasingly common in car washes these days. Flojet air pumps are space-efficient, safer, and less costly than electric pumps.

How Do Flojet Pumps Take Up Less Space and Save Money?

G57 Flojet Air PumpFlojet air pumps operate via compressed air, so they don’t require an electric motor or expansion tank to run. Removing those elements cuts down on the space needed for the pump and reduces noise. Also, air operated pumps work “on demand”; they pump when in use and rest when not in use. Rather than running an electric motor constantly -and running up your electric bill at the same time- an air-operated pump works in a more efficient manner. When not in use, the pump maintains a consistent pressure using the air trapped inside.

Since AOD pumps don’t use an electric motor, that means there aren’t electrical components dangerously exposed to water. Pump maintenance is also easier and less expensive, since there are fewer parts to repair or replace. Even better, Flojet air diaphragm pumps use chemical resistant materials for their housing and components, so parts don’t need replaced as often.

All of these factors make a Flojet air diaphragm pump an excellent choice to save space, cut costs, and decrease safety risks. Browse air-operated diaphragm pumps from the G57 Series, G70 Series, G71 Series, or N5100 Series to find what you need!